Confused By Your Iphone? Get The Most From Your New Phone Here!

The popularity of the iphone is widespread, and its available features make that fact quite understandable. The different things that you can do with the device allows users to do several tasks proficiently at once. The following article will show you how useful and powerful the iphone can be.

TIP! When you have mastered taking pictures by using your volume buttons, give it a try with your headphone cord. Hold the phone steady and press the button on the cord.

Rice helps to reduce the moisture on your iphone. It is common for people to drop their phones in a puddle, toilet, or other wet location. Rather than trying to dry out your device with a blow dryer, wipe the outside with an absorbent cloth, and place the phone into a bowl or bag filled with dry rice. Once the rice has had several hours to absorb moisture (leaving your phone in the bag overnight is ideal), your phone should be dry again.

TIP! Another benefit of the iPhone is the ability to navigate. You can use the map and GPS to receive directions to a particular location, and you can locate places like stores or fueling stations along your route, too.

You don’t have to append “.com” to web addresses while you are browsing. Just type in the main portion of the site’s name and the browser can do the rest. How much time could you save by cutting out these unnecessary elements?

TIP! There is a better way to turn off the AutoCorrect feature than hitting the “X” button. Just tap the screen anywhere.

Are you tired of the many notifications that come in on your iphone? There is a way to turn them off. First, choose Settings. Then tap the bar for Notifications. While browsing the “Notification Center” area, look for apps that should not be there. By doing this, you’ll greatly improve the condition of your battery.

TIP! Use your iPhone to download yourself an app that enables you to upload any files you want onto your phone, this way you can use your iPhone as a file storage device. With the app, text, music, and even photos can be uploaded.

Instead of trying to remember what a webpage or email said, you can save an image from on of them. When you see a picture you want to save to your phone, just tap and hold on the image. A box pops up after this period of time prompting you to save any image on your iphone.

TIP! You can see a list of messages on your lock screen. This can be a positive or a negative, depending on your preference.

Your iphone can provide visual indicators of incoming messages and calls. For silent but prominent notifications, you can make your iPhone’s LED camera flash blink whenever a message or call comes in. To access this feature go into the “accessibility” tab under the settings menu. Then choose “LED Flash Alerts”.

TIP! Did you ever miss your chance to take a great photo because it took too long to open your iPhone’s camera? Try this quick and easy shortcut. Double tap Home twice when the screen is in a locked state.

Your iPhone’s Safari mobile browser will allow you to do just about everything that you would be able to do on a regular Internet browser. Just press on and hold any images you wish to save. This will go right into your Camera Roll after you save it. It can even be used in a message.

TIP! The iPhone has the option, as do other smartphones, to alert you visually to calls and messages you are receiving on your phone. If you want silent notifications, you can configure your iPhone’s camera to flash and blink when a call or message comes in.

Make sure your iphone is using the latest updates. Given the complexity of the phone and operating system, these updates may contain security patches, bug fixes and other important tweaks to boost functionality. This updating is critical if any personal information is own or accessed online using your phone.

TIP! It is possible to take a screenshot when using your iPhone. Once you are ready to take the screenshot, first hold the home button down, and then tap the sleep button as well.

Make AutoText shortcuts with phrases you use the most, in order to save yourself some time when you are emailing or texting. This can help with email addresses and phrases that are used often like “Where are you?” or “On my way.” This feature can be located in the iPhone’s keyboard settings area.

TIP! It’s important that you always have the most recently updated version of the OS. Since it is a small computer, the iPhone is complex.

When using Safari, you do not have to type the “.com”, saving you extra time. To go directly to a website simply type the websites name into the URL box.

TIP! You are able to take a steady photo easily enough on your iPhone. Your headphone volume controls can also double as a way to snap your pictures.

You should not bother dealing with word corrections offered by the phone. You can tap the screen if you don’t want it to suggest anything to you. Now you do not have to press ‘x’ every time.

TIP! Make your iPhone better by choosing a custom ringtone. Distinctive ringtones can be helpful in distinguishing the type of message you’re getting or who is calling you.

You may realize that your iphone can remind you of something that is happening at a certain time. However, are you aware that you can also set location-based reminders as well? As an example, you are able to say, “I need to call the dentist when I get home.” Many reminders types are available with an iphone.

TIP! You can use your iPhone’s calendar as an excellent organization tool. For faster and more efficient use of the tool, add events directly to the calendar rather than using your “+” button.

While your iphone generally optimizes page navigation, it can be a hassle to return to the beginning of a lengthy page. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary! You can go straight back to the beginning of a web page by tapping the status bar (where the clock appears) on top of the screen. This can save time, especially if you have a screen that is very long.

TIP! The “unread” email command isn’t in plain sight, so you will have to find it. You must reach Details and press the unread button; when you go to email, it will show up as a message that is unread.

If your iphone freezes, do not panic. First, test the sleep or wake button. If you are unsuccessful, push it along with the home button. This will start a hard reset and it should reboot in a few moments.

TIP! You can capture a screenshot quickly and easily with your iPhone. By pressing down the home and power at the same time you will get a screenshot.

Tap cancel when writing an email if you cannot finish composing your email. The phone will then inquire whether or not you’d like to save the email. Choose yes and you will be able to access your unfinished email in your draft folder later.

TIP! Tap cancel in order to save messages. You will then be given the option to Save your work.

Social Media

TIP! Your phone allow you instantly access to both your iPod and your favorites. Go to the settings on your phone, then go to general, and finally go to the home button.

Use your iphone to connect with family and friends on social media sites. The iphone makes it easy to update your Facebook status or compose a tweet on Twitter, keeping your friends up-to-date. You can also read all of your friends’ news and stay on top of trends using your favorite social media apps.

TIP! Access your social media networks with your iPhone to always stay in touch. You can update Twitter, Facebook and other social networks through your iPhone.

A good way to use the iphone to communicate is with FaceTime. FaceTime is a video call option that you can use over wi-fi. To use FaceTime, just look under contacts for Facetime. To begin a FaceTime conversation, simply press the button.

TIP! Make sure you secure your iphone with a case right when you get it. Dropping the device is likely to cause shattering of the screen if it is not inside a protective case.

When your iPhone’s screen becomes frozen press down and hold “Home” for about 5 seconds. This will reboot your phone. If not, press down the power and “home” buttons simultaneously, holding for 12 seconds. This technique should be employed only when the first method fails.

TIP! Maximizing the use of your iPhone will only come if you master all of the tricks of the phone. One of which being eliminating emails you do not want with the simple swipe of your finger.

You want to avoid putting your iphone in areas that offer extreme changes in temperature. If you work outdoors in freezing temperatures, it is best not to keep your iphone on your person. Condensation can easily form on the delicate electronics inside.

TIP! A lot of consumers have experienced problems with their iPhone connector cord; be careful with it. Be gentle as you connect and disconnect the cord.

The iphone is a very handy device. The many features and possibilities to customize it are endless. It takes time to be able to understand and fully utilize all of the features. While you may not benefit from all of the things the iphone offers, these tips can help you learn what you can use.

TIP! Are you looking to back up your contact list on the iPhone? This is very simple when you use the iDrive Lite app, which lets you share and restore all of your contacts. The app is free as long as your iPhone is updated.