Guide On How To Maximize Your Iphone

Most people who use an iphone would say it’s the best thing to come along in communications in a long time. However, you may not be aware of what makes this device so great. Read on for more information, including tips and tricks about how to best use the iphone.

TIP! A protective screen is a wonderful investment for your iPhone. Without some protection it is bound to get scratched up.

Reminders Based

TIP! Use your iPhone to download yourself an app that enables you to upload any files you want onto your phone, this way you can use your iPhone as a file storage device. You can easily upload a variety of multimedia files to your iPhone.

The Siri app will now allow you to set reminders based on location. Siri already gives reminders based on a pre-set time. You can tell Siri to remind you to give work a call when you get home. Then, when the phone detects you’re at home, it will remind you to call work. Using this can make it possible to set reminders even when you are not sure when you will be home.

TIP! Do you want to include an umlauted or accented letter in your conversation, but don’t know how? This is actually quite simple to accomplish. Touch and hold the letter that requires accenting.

Use your iphone to help you navigate from place to place. Use the map component as a GPS when you are trying to get directions to a specific location, or when you are trying to find things like grocery stores or gas stations along the way. You can bookmark the map feature for easy access on your phone.

TIP! To get your messages, tag email accounts on the iPhone. This is very important as you can get instant notifications whenever you get a message and will be able to view messages immediately on your phone.

Practically any website can be transformed into an app for your iphone. Start by going to the website. When you get there, tap the “Go” button. You will then have the option to create a shortcut to the site on your phone’s home screen. After the shortcut appears on the homepage, you have the option of renaming it.

TIP! The iPhone displays previews of messages coming in on your lock screen. You may find this handy or annoying.

You can create a unique library of shortcuts and meanings with your device. When you are using diction it will automatically be aware of what it is you would like to say. It is also possible to put in new phrases and shortcuts. When typing on your keyboard, these phrases will appear as suggestions.

TIP! If your iPhone is equipped with the Siri app, you may want to rethink using Siri often if you want to protect your privacy. Apple records pretty much all of these voice prompts you make to Siri and then stores them on internal servers.

You can snap a photo using your headphone cord. Begin by bringing the subject to be filmed into view. When you are ready to take the photograph, press on the cord’s button. Doing this will take a picture. You can save your picture by following the usual steps.

TIP! You can do nearly everything that you can do on your home computer due to the Safari browser that iPhone uses. If you find a picture you would like to save, simply press and hold it.

Use multimedia to maximize your iPhone’s capabilities. You can use the iphone to view your favorite movie or television show.

TIP! Keep firmware updated. Each update increases the functionality of the iPhone, and improves battery life.

Have you ever had second thoughts about your latest message you just wrote in iMessage? Did Auto Correct change the meaning of it yet again? By shaking your phone quickly it can be undone. Giving your device a quick shake can help you start fresh with your message. This feature is not turned on by default, so go to Settings and set it up.

TIP! Change the sounds on your phone so you can hear clicking when typing. This could be beneficial as you are less likely to make unnoticed mistakes when you are aware of what your iPhone is recognizing as you type.

Have you lost a photo opportunity because the camera app was too slow to bring up? This shortcut will help you to save a lot of time and get all the pictures you desire. While you have the screen locked, quickly touch Home button two times. There will a little camera icon in the bottom right hand corner. By tapping this button, your camera is automatically enabled.

TIP! Make sure to personalize your iPhone with a ringtone. Surely you would like to stand apart from those who use stock ringtones.

If your phone freezes and does not respond to Wake/Sleep, you can simply force a hard reset. Press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button again while simultaneously holding down the “Home” key. The phone will shutdown and restart in order to signal everything went well.

TIP! If you’ve just dropped you phone in water, make sure you don’t turn it on. Thoroughly dry the outside, and let the inside dry overnight.

It’s important that you always have the most recently updated version of the OS. Due to the complexity of the iphone, Apple will release patches to fix various problems or security lapses. This updating is critical if any personal information is own or accessed online using your phone.

TIP! You can be interrupted by notifications on your iPhone while you are using another application on the phone. You may want to finish what you are doing before tending to the notice.

You have the option of turning audible typing clicks ON or OFF in the sounds setting of your iphone. This makes it easier for some people when they are typing, to avoid mistakes.

TIP! A great tip if you own an iPhone is to start using Facebook on it. Many users are already aware of the Facebook application and are using it on their phones; however, if you have yet to employ this simple application, you can log in to Facebook from your phone today.

If you happen to drop your phone into a liquid, stop yourself from immediately turning it back on. Dry the outside of the phone. Then wait a day so that any moisture inside the phone can dry. If the phone is turned on while wet, it could short circuit.

TIP! Typing can be much easier if you create word shortcuts. Go to Settings, go under General, look under Keyboard, and then Add New Shortcut.

Using the suggested word feature on the iphone is a waste of time. Tap anywhere while you are typing to eliminate the suggested spelling box. With the method, you no longer have to press the x after any word.

TIP! With your iPhone, you can take a screenshot whenever the desire strikes you. You just have to press the power and home buttons at the same time.

You probably know that you can use your iphone to create time-based reminders, like “Remind me to go to the post office at 3 P.M.” But, did you know that you can set reminders that trigger notifications based on your physical location? You might say something like, “Remind me to go to the gas station on the way to pick up the kids.” The iphone can use all kinds of reminders that are made for it.

TIP! Your iPhone can be used for sending pictures to all your close acquaintances. Thare are two easy ways to get this done.

One great suggestion for your iphone is making use of Facebook. Although some people are already aware of the iPhone’s Facebook app, others do not know how easy it is to use Facebook on an iphone.

TIP! Use the social media on your iPhone to connect with family and friends. Facebook, Twitter and other social media can be accessed and updated very quickly through your iPhone.

You may benefit from an app for battery management. There are many varieties available, each with features for letting you know what percentage of battery you are using on each task and how you can get more from your battery. It can also alert you when you need to calibrate.

TIP! There are options for scrolling through your contacts with fingers; however, there is also a way to do so without flicking through the contacts. Begin by pressing your finger to the contact list.

Facetime Button

TIP! Make sure you secure your iphone with a case right when you get it. If your phone is dropped without a case, shattering the screen is very likely.

A great communication tool for the iphone is FaceTime. It lets you see the person you are talking to. To use it, simply go to your contacts and look for the FaceTime button. Press the FaceTime button for a contact and you can connect.

TIP! A great aspect of the iPhone is how versatile it is. With the free BlinqTV app, you can transform your phone into a universal remote.

On the rare occasion in which your iphone freezes up, simply press the Home button and hold it for five seconds. This will reboot your phone. If it is still frozen, try holding down the home and power buttons simultaneously for 10-15 seconds. Only resort to the second method when try the first method results in failure.

TIP! You want to protect the valuable contact info you have on your iPhone, right? This can be done easily. With the iDrive Lite app you can backup your contacts and share or restore them when needed.

Do you text certain individuals frequently? Designate these numbers are favorites. You can use both your “favorites” list and your “recent calls” list to send messages in addition to placing calls. Press the arrow right next to a contact’s name and then choose text message. You can then ask them quickly what the voice message is about, a perfect tool when you are stuck in a meeting.

TIP! When you are not using your phone, you want to make sure the screen is as dark as possible. Your battery will drain much more quickly when your phone’s screen in bright.

The iphone is a pretty common device today. You might not have known why the iphone is so popular but this article has taught you why everyone wants one!

TIP! Don’t store a lot of movies on your phone. A full motion picture takes up about 1g of space.