I Want To Make The Most Of My IPad!

The iPad hasn’t rocketed in sales for no reason. These tablets have a lot of great features, they are fun, and they make life better. You should learn as much as you can about the iPad so you can maximize your usage. Read the following tips to make yourself a fully informed iPad user. Get the most out of this modern device.

If you love to utilize your iPad for media, your battery life can deplete fast. A simple way to get more play time out of each charge of the battery is to use a low screen brightness setting. In most cases, there is no need to keep the maximum brightness level to read, surf the Internet or tinker with apps.

You can now create folders with your iPad to store valuable information. To start, hold your finger over and app until it jiggles. Then drag the jiggling app onto another icon and let go. When you do that, it creates a folder containing the two apps and labels them with an appropriate category. You can easily rename this folder.

It isn’t necessary to click the camera in the bottom to see the picture. Instead, you can use one finger to swipe to the right, and voila, there is your picture or video. Swipe toward the left and your previous pictures will appear.

Be sure not to overdo your iPad app spending. When you have an iPad, you can run up your iTune’s bill quickly because it contains your credit card information and it only takes a few clicks to buy an app. Make sure you monitor the amount of money you spend with your iPad.

The factory default iPad setting is set to preview only two written lines from each email prior to you selecting it. You can change this to see more, if you so desire. To change this, you’ll need to open Settings, and then press on Mail. From Mail, choose Contacts, then go to Calendar where you can change the options to preview mail.

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Do you find it annoying to have to access the bookmarks icon via tapping to navigate to your saved websites? It is possible for your bookmark option to be permanent. Select Settings, Safari, and choose the Always Show Bookmarks tab.

VPN networks are used to access remote servers. To make a VPN connection, go to Network and turn on the VPN feature. Then, you’ll need to put in a username and your server address. If you aren’t sure of your server address, contact the network administrator.

Wouldn’t you like to track a lost iPad? Go to your Settings and tap on iCloud. Add your unique Apple ID and select “Find My iPad” at the screen’s bottom. By doing this, if you ever misplace your iPad, you can go to iCloud.com to find it.

Be aware of any apps that constantly run on your device. Most of the time, an application can remain open while you surf the Internet or attend to other business. Click your Home button twice to get the view of all apps that are open. The apps you have running are going to show up near the screen’s bottom. After you have a chance to look through everything, simply swipe down and the bar will go away.

There is now an easy way to mute your iPad. The original iPad did not have a simple mute button. With the advent of iOS 4.3, it became possible to mute the audio easily. Just tap and hold volume-down to quickly mute sound.

Even if you are in a rush, don’t make the mistake of charging your iPad with the charger for your iPhone. The two devices both operate at different wattages – the iPhone at 5 watts and the iPad at 10 watts. And their chargers follow suit. Charging with an iPhone charger will take far more time. Instead, use the charging cables that came with your iPad.

If you want to copy text on your device, push on the wording that you want and hit Select. Then you will choose copy and go to another application, then press and hold again. An option to paste will then come up on your screen. In order to copy and paste an entire paragraph, four taps will be necessary.

A good way to keep the pages from closing is to open other one in a new tab. When you find a website in Safari, hold your finger on the link. A menu will appear. You can select the option to have another tab created with the new link content.

Take advantage of the iPad’s brightness features to extend battery life. The iPad will automatically adjust its brightness depending on the room that you are in. This will help preserve the battery, which means you can use your iPad longer without having to plug it in. Navigate to Settings and then choose ‘Brightness & Wallpaper’.

Search Engine

There are some online forums you can join to learn more about the iPad. There are many sites devoted to this popular device that can expedite the learning process and guide you to becoming an iPad whiz. Establish a presence and read old forum postings to gain lots of information and learn useful tips.

Google does not have to be the only search engine you use. In the Settings menu, pick Safari, then Search Engine. This give you the option of choosing Bing or Yahoo as your search engine, if you prefer them to Google.

When you take photographs, you may grasp the sides of the iPad to hold it. Your shutter button will move, and it could cause you to shake while taking the photo. Try to use the orientation lock. This keeps your shutter button within an easier reach of a thumb. Once you’ve taken the pictures, use an application like Photoshop to edit them.

An iPad is an expensive investment, so you need to take good care of it. A majority of the people who own an iPad purchase a screen protector to help protect the glass screen from becoming chipped or cracked. Screen protectors are simply thin plastic and give you more protection. Always use soft, damp cloths when cleaning iPad screens. Never use a cleaning solution that you use around the house.

To extend the battery life of your iPad, turn down the screen brightness. This is very useful if you are out and waiting for an important email. To turn down screen brightness, try double-tapping your Home icon and looking for the sun icon.

You can now do a quick mute your iPad. Originally, the mute button was not on an iPad. Prior to iOS 4.3 you had to use the lock switch to mute the sound or lock your iPad’s orientation. On a current iPad, simply press the volume down button and hold it.

You should use tabs to facilitate your browsing. You don’t necessarily have to leave your current webpage to follow links. Hold the link without tapping will take you to an options menu. You can then choose to open a new tab to see the link so you do not have to close the page you are viewing.

Go to your apps that you keep running quicker and easier! By double clicking the home button, the apps will come up immediately on the bottom of your device. This can keep you going when you’re in a hurry.

Are you dissatisfied with using Google as the search engine on the iPad? You may change it to another. Select Search Engine under the Safari tab of Settings. From there, select the search engine you want to use. You can use Bing or Yahoo if you don’t like Google.

Auto brightness can help your iPad’s battery life. Your iPad will adjust its brightness in function of the environment you are in. Doing so is the perfect way to have some control over your battery life. Go to Settings, and then locate the “Brightness & Wallpaper” setting.

Did you know it’s not necessary to use the keyboard built into the iPad? That is a great thing for people who have trouble with it. Hooking up a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad is super easy. This allows you to type with the same ease that you regularly enjoy on your laptop or desktop computer.

Online Forum

Do you ever have the urge to snap a quick screenshot of your display? It is really very easy to do. Tap Home and then Sleep/Wake. You will see a flash, and the screenshot will have been taken. Every screen shot will be saved automatically so you’re not going to have to think about saving it later.

A great resource for any question regarding your iPad is an online forum. There are many quality sites designed to help you learn all the features of your iPad and guide you as you explore different apps. Jumping into an online forum will help you gather more iPad information.

Always turn on Find My iPad in case you lose yours. This will inform you as to where your missing iPad is currently located and allows you the opportunity to delete any personal information without being near the device. You will be incredibly grateful to have enabled this feature should your iPad ever become lost or stolen.

Make the most of tabs when you are on the Internet. You do not need to leave the site you’re on in order to go to a link. Pressing and holding a link will open up a menu with options. Choose “open link in new tab” so that both the new page and previous page will remain open.

Are you tired of being constantly bothered by notifications for joining a Wi-Fi network? If you can you can get rid of it. Access Settings > Wi-Fi and toggle off the feature for “Ask to Join” referring to networks. If at some point you decide to join up with a network, there is no need to worry. You can easily join at any time without the notifications annoying you constantly.

Many people find the battery charge percentage on their screen annoying. Fortunately, this can be removed quite easily. Just enter your iPad settings, tap on the general option and then select usage. Here, you can turn it off. However, if you want to turn this feature back on, perform the same steps again.

Viewing PDF documents on an iPad is very easy. The iPad is capable of viewing PDF files, and you can also sync it with your PC at home to transfer documents between the two. This is a great tool to carry your school project or your work with you all the time.

PDFs can be put on the iPad through two methods. You can email the PDF to yourself or place it into iTunes. Use both methods so you can determine which one is best for you, or make use of both as you see fit.

Do you hate scrolling while you are surfing the web on the iPad? Simply tap the bar at the apex of the page to return to the beginning of a web page. This is faster than scrolling. You can use this tip with other apps.

Would you like to quickly take a screenshot? It is not that difficult at all. Press the ‘Home’ and ‘sleep/wake’ button simultaneously. You will see a flash, which means that you successfully took a screenshot. The screenshot will be saved automatically, so no hassle!

Are you aware that you are able to add dates from your old Google calendar to your new iPhone calender. You should do this by going to the settings and then under mail,under mail click on the contacts link and then the calender icon. Add an account by clicking, then tap on Other. Select Add CalDAV Account, then place your Google log-in credentials in there.

Is your screen becoming marred? The device is designed to put up with some punishment, but if you see scratches, get a protective cover of some kind. This protects the iPad, but it also keeps your fingers from getting tiny cuts.

The main advantage of the iPad is that it is user-friendly. Essentially there only is one button in addition to its touch screen. Play around with your iPad and you can discover some cool things. It is surprisingly intuitive.

When you are trying to copy text on your device, simply tap a word twice. However, it can be hard to copy a whole paragraph by using that one method. Tap your editable, chosen text and that will copy the entire paragraph. This works for URL’s, addresses, and paragraphs.

If you use your iPad to view videos, it might be a good idea to get yourself a lengthy power cord. This allows you to multitask when you are watching your programs.

iPads are in great demand as they’re so useful. To make sure you are using your iPad for all its worth, remember all the advice you have read in this article and put it to good use. Have a great day and lots of fun using the iPad!

Remember that a power outlet is not necessary for charging your tablet. Your tablet may be charged by plugging it into any device equipped with a USB port. You can use your laptop to do it when you are traveling.