Iphone Tips And Tricks To Get The Most From Your New Phone

Millions of people love using the iphone. Why does everyone love the iphone? This article will tell you why, as well as supply you with some tips so that you can use your iphone to do tasks you never imagined you could complete on a phone.

TIP! If your iPhone has been exposed to water, place it in a bowl of uncooked rice. If your iPhone lands in the toilet or you get it wet, this can help to save your device.

Make sure your phone is using the latest updates. When you update your device, you’ll have all the fixes, updates, and other important things your iphone needs. Your pictures and other files will be saved to your computer; if you damage your iphone, you will not lose all your data.

TIP! There are ways that you can make the keyboard larger on your iPhone. You can get this added value without purchasing an expensive accessory! Just tap Safari’s address bar while you hold your iPhone sideways; you’ll instantly see a big difference! Your typing will be a lot faster and more precise with the bigger landscape-orientation keyboard.

Save time by omitting the ‘WWW’ and ‘.com’ from the URL while using your iphone to browse online. Entering in the title of the site is sufficient. This may seem like a small benefit, but it actually goes a long way in saving you time.

TIP! If you are browsing in Safari, you have the ability to make a phone call with a simple tap. For instance, perhaps you are looking for a dry cleaner.

If the AutoCorrect feature shows you corrections to your text, you will not have to spend the time to “X” the suggestion. You can simply tap the screen anywhere. This will close the suggestion box for you, which is a much faster method.

TIP! You can use the iPhone to travel from one spot to the next. If you try the map feature with the GPS when searching for directions, you can locate the best route to your destination and even find gas or shops along the way.

Are you unsure of how to make accented letters in messages? Here’s how. Press the letter you want to change to bring up the options. You should get a box to pop up that will include a number of additional keys. The options available for typing specific letters will provide you with many choices for the appearance of letters using your iphone.

TIP! Are you fed up by all the notifications you get on your iPhone? You’ll find it easy to disable them. Begin by selecting the settings button, then tap the notifications bar.

Take full advantage of your iphone by using its multimedia capabilities. You can download television shows, movies, and other video clips, so that your iphone can be an entertainment device wherever you go.

TIP! Though many people use their iPhone for surfing the web or email, many are not aware of how easy saving images from these can be. Find the image you want, touch and hold.

Email Accounts

TIP! Sometimes the AutoCorrect suggestion feature can become a nuisance. When you’re writing and it keeps popping up, don’t hit “X” to get rid of it.

Sync your email accounts with your iphone to easily access your messages. This helps you instantly receive notifications each tine you get an email in your inbox. You can pick various email accounts or even just one tagged on your phone.

TIP! If your iPhone ever freezes and you cannot revive it by pressing the “Wake” button, you may need to perform a hard reset. All you need to do is press and hold both the power and Home buttons at the same time until the phone resets.

If you are someone that places a high value on privacy, think twice before using Siri. What is spoken to Siri is recorded by Apple and stored on their internally-hosted servers. This helps them develop speech recognition programs, although it is important to understand that you may be recorded.

TIP! Set the keyboard clicks option to ON inside the setting options to give your typing an audible sound as you type. That will assist you in knowing that the phone is registering your taps, which ultimately helps you cut down on mistakes.

As is the case with lots of newer phones, it is possible to have your iphone generate visual displays of calls as well as messages. You can make the flash from the camera blink when you are getting a call. In the Settings menu, go to General, then to Accessibility. Then activate the LED Flash on alerts feature.

TIP! Make AutoText shortcuts with phrases you use the most, in order to save yourself some time when you are emailing or texting. This feature is easy for email addresses and common phrases.

Web Browser

TIP! Choose a ringtone that you enjoy and won’t mind hearing multiple times each day. You don’t just want to be boring and use a standard ringtone.

The Safari web browser on your phone acts just like a web browser on a desktop. It even allows you to save images from the web. When you find an image you want to keep, simply tap it and hold. The popup menu allows you to put the picture in your Camera Roll. You can then put it in a message if you want.

TIP! Try not to purchase or store too many apps on your iPhone. There is a huge variety of applications that can be loaded to the iPhone.

If your iphone ever freezes and you cannot revive it by pressing the “Wake” button, you may need to perform a hard reset. Press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button again while simultaneously holding down the “Home” key. The phone will then shut down and restart as a signal that everything went well.

TIP! Your iPhone can take pictures one-handed. Frame the picture as you please and choose the volume up button on the side of your device.

Always keep your iphone updated with the latest OS release. Due to the complexity of the iphone, Apple will release patches to fix various problems or security lapses. For security purposes and all-around general usage, it’s imperative that you update your OS as needed.

TIP! If you experience a screen freeze on your iPhone, do not be overly alarmed. Use the Sleep/Wake button as the first remedy.

With your iphone, you do not need to worry about your phone shaking when you take a picture. You can just use the volume buttons on your Apple headphones. Steady your hand and prepare yourself to take a picture. Press the proper button on your headphone wire when the picture is ready to be taken.

TIP! The iPhone provides a quick option for taking a screenshot in an instant. Just hold the power and home button at the same time.

If your iphone is dropped in water, never turn it back on immediately afterwards to find out if it still works. Dry the outside of your phone and allow the rest of the phone to dry overnight. You can short circuit your phone by turning it on while wet.

TIP! If you want to save any message for the future, tap cancel while working on it. A box inquiring whether you wish to save, cancel or not save the message draft will appear.

A good tip if you own an iphone is to not get crazy with all of the apps. Because Apple approves apps before they are listed in iTunes, most apps out there, both free and paid, are really useful. With that said, there is reason to be cautious, as some are willing to try to rip you off or steal your personal information.

TIP! Use Facetime when you are communicating on your iPhone. This lets people actually see the person with whom they are speaking with.

If your iphone freezes, do not panic. Attempt to unfreeze it by pressing the sleep button. If that does not work, press both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. This does a hard reset on your phone and will restart it after a little while.

TIP! The iPhone’s versatility makes it great. It can even be used as a universal remote with a BlingTV app.

You can get a lot out of your iphone by linking it to your social networks. Many people enjoy the fun and social aspect of Facebook, though many do not realize how easy it is to enjoy from their iphone.

TIP! If you want to save space, don’t save videos that you don’t plan on watching any more. When you are done viewing the video, a prompt is going to ask you if you want to delete the video from the phone.

To be more efficient with your iphone, you can create shortcuts for words. Simply go to Settings, then General and Keyboard, and then “Add New Shortcut”. If you use certain phrases or words often, write a short cut for them. As you type the shortcuts, the words that correspond will become inserted.

TIP! Spend some time reviewing the tutorials that Apple offers to discover all the functionality of your iPhone. The tutorials offer step by step instructions on how to use your iPhone.

If you do not like the voice of the Siri application, there are other options. The first step is locating Siri on the “general settings” screen. You can adjust Siri’s language to either French, English or German. The accent can also be changed to either British or Australian. Actually, the Siri with the British accent is male!

TIP! Test out the features of your phone as you go. If you test all the features out, you will gain more knowledge on how to use it.

To close out of your email, simply cancel it if you want to save the content. The iphone then gives you the option of saving a draft rather than discarding the email. When you choose yes, you will then be able to bring up your unfinished email at a later time.

TIP! When the webpage you are reading is quite long, you do not have to scroll all the way back to the top to return. Just tap your status bar – the grey bar on the top of the screen – to jump back to the web page’s top.

The iphone is a pretty common device today. You might have had your doubts before reading this article, but by now you should be excited about everything the iphone has to offer.

TIP! Keep your iPhone’s guarantee in a special place and consider purchasing phone insurance. Between the warranty and your insurance policy, you should be covered if anything goes wrong.