Iphone: Tips To Help You Make The Most Of It

The iphone is a one of a kind device that has a plethora of abilities. Youâ”ll find your iphone replaces entertainment devices for listening to music and complicated calendar programs for scheduling amongst other things. This means there are a multitude of ways to use the iphone to best advantage in your life. Become the master of your device by following the tips below!

TIP! Getting lost is a thing of the past if you have an iPhone with you. The iPhone comes with a built-in map application that shows you where you are at all times.

An iphone makes it virtually impossible to get lost. The maps app is in the phone when you buy it and can let you see the location when you have service. The iPhone’s mapping abilities make it easy to track down a new destination or find your way back to familiar ground.

TIP! To dry an iPhone that’s wet, use rice. It is not uncommon to drop your phone in the toilet, a puddle of water or something else wet.

Do you get too many notifications on your iphone? To stop them, do the following. First, go to settings, and then go to notifications. Review the applications listed below the heading “Notification Center.” Take away anything you do not want to be there. Better still, removing these unwanted notifications can also extend the battery life of your device.

TIP! You should be sure to update your iPhone each time a new update is available. This will help ensure your phone is working as fast and efficiently as possible.

Have you ever had second thoughts about your latest message you just wrote in iMessage? Perhaps the dreaded Auto Correct feature has skewed the meaning and garbled your intent. By shaking your phone quickly it can be undone. This will automatically undo recent typing. Because this feature is optional, you will have to enable it under “Settings”.

TIP! You can now set location-based reminders through Siri. You can tell Siri to remind you to do something at a specific time.

When browsing the web on your iphone, try scrolling with a single finger and two fingers. If the site you’re visiting in split up into boxes, using just one finger will let you scroll through a single box at a given time. Two-finger scrolling scrolls through the whole webpage.

TIP! Make navigation easier with your iPhone. You can use the map feature as your GPS to find locations or amenities along your route.

Your iPhone’s default setting is to show you a preview of your incoming messages right on the phone’s lock screen. Depending on your personal preference you may find that this feature is helpful or you may not care for it at all. If you are among those who find it bothersome, you can disable it. Simply open Settings, move to Notifications, and click Messages. Disable “Show Preview,” which will allow you to get rid of this feature.

TIP! Use this tip to make messaging speedier. If you do not want to use the word the dictionary suggests when you are texting with your iPhone, you can simply tap anywhere on the screen to dismiss it.

Be mindful of your privacy and watch what you say if you have a new iphone that comes with Siri on it. Apple keeps recordings of almost all communication with Siri on its own server. These files are stored in a secure location and are used for improving speech recognition, but it is good to be aware that your prompts may be recorded.

TIP! Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s multimedia abilities will let you get more from your device. You can download videos, movies or just about anything that interests you, all on your iPhone.

You can capture a screenshot while using your iphone. Simply press the “sleep” button while holding in the “home” button. Seeing the whole screen go white tells you that the screenshot is taken and stored away.

TIP! Use your iPhone to take pictures. The only real problem most people encounter here is that their catalogs become quite extensive and subsequently hard to sort through.

The advantage of the Safari browser on your iphone is that you don’t have to add .com at the end of a URL when you are surfing the Web. For example, if you wish to visit CNN’s website, simply type “CNN” into the web address bar.

TIP! There is a calculator tool in the iPhone that easily lets you add, subtract or multiply something very quickly. If the iPhone is horizontal when you use the calculator, it will do advanced scientific calculations.

Make sure you are mindful about the apps you allow onto your phone. There are many great apps available. Some of them cost money, and others are free to use. You have to remember that there are the ones that are shady, which means they will use your information in a negative way or stick you with hidden charges.

TIP! Did you know that your iPhone can take a screenshot, anytime you like? Press the home and sleep button together for taking a screenshot. When the screen becomes white, the screenshot is saved on your phone.

While the iphone tries to make web browsing simple and painless, it can be a chore to try to navigate to the beginning of a page, especially if it is long. You should not have to! Just tap the status bar–the piece that has the clock–on your screen’s top to jump to the page’s top. This also works for other screens that are long too (such as iTunes lists).

TIP! You may run into a problem in which you are unable to power up your iPhone by pressing its Sleep/Wake button. Fortunately, a hard reset remedies the problem.

If you want to type faster on your iphone, program in word shortcuts. Simply go to “Settings,” check under the “General” tab, navigate your way to the “Keyboard,” and from there you can choose the “Add New Shortcut” option. If you know you use a word or phrase commonly you can create a shortcut for it using certain abbreviations. Every time you use the shortcuts, the phrases and words are going to be used.

TIP! You may take a picture without shaking your iPhone. Your headphone’s volume controls can be used for taking photos.

You can save time when typing on your iphone by presetting specific words. When you reach the settings area, head to the “general” area, choose “keyboard” and input your own shortcuts. By this method to preprogram, words and phrases with many characters can be typed with just a few keys. So, when you need to type these again, you are not required to type out every letter, instead just use the shortcut.

TIP! To conserve time while emailing or texting, develop AutoText helpful shortcuts for expressions you most frequently type on the iPhone. You should use this feature for phrases you use all the time, such as ‘where are you’ or for signing your emails.

The iphone is wonderful for easily being able to send photos to all your friends and family. This may be done in two ways. The iphone makes it easy to upload your images to either your email or to your Facebook account.

TIP! Notifications can be annoying when they interrupt you while you are trying to work on your iPhone. But perhaps now is not a good time, so before getting to the notice you will want to save it for later.

Social Media

TIP! To close out of your email, simply cancel it if you want to save the content. The iPhone then gives you the option of saving a draft rather than discarding the email.

Use your iphone to connect with family and friends on social media sites. The iphone can keep your friends updated through social media like Twitter or Facebook. You can also see what your friends are up to through the iphone.

TIP! Protect your iPhone form sun exposure. Direct sunlight can damage not only the screen, but also the internal parts.

Use Facetime when you are communicating on your iphone. FaceTime will let you see who you’re talking to, and it will let others see you. You will find the button for FaceTime in your contacts. Once it’s pressed, you’ll be able to hear and see the person you’re conversing with.

TIP! Use the iPhone to your advantage by learning the tricks associated with it. When you are at your inbox, drag your finger across the message.

If your screen freezes, press Home for about five seconds. Your phone should reboot. If it still doesn’t work, hold the power and home button together for about 10 seconds. Only try the second suggestion as a last resort.

TIP! Are you looking for a way to back up your iPhone contact list? The iDrive Lite app will let you easily share and restore your contacts. Luckily, it is free as long has you have updated your iPhone’s software ahead of time.

If you don’t plan on watching a video you’ve viewed on your phone again, be careful not to save it. When you are done viewing the video, a prompt is going to ask you if you want to delete the video from the phone. Delete it so that you don’t clog up your device.

TIP! Use your iPhone to take pictures. The camera built into your iPhone allows you take more pictures than you can count with the click of a button! You only have to download your pictures into the files of your computer after you get home.

By now you should realize that the many features of the iphone make it more than a simple phone. You may be surprised at what your iphone is capable of. Continue using these tips and others to get the best performance and use from your iphone.

TIP! To truly maximize the power of your iPhone, go through the tutorials that Apple provides. This can give you a simplified way of doing something that takes a long time to figure out.