Iphone Tips You Can Easily Use

Many people with iPhones want to get the most from them. But, there are questions to be answered. Where to get one? What are the best apps? Are the expensive models really worth your money? Keep reading for a better understanding of the iphone and how it can improve your life.

TIP! Uncooked rice can be used to help dry an iPhone that has gotten wet. Oftentimes, cell phones are dropped in puddles or even toilets.

If you get your iphone wet, simply use rice in order to dry it out. If your iphone lands in the toilet or you get it wet, this can help to save your device. Do not use a hair dryer, but wipe the phone with a towel and then place it in a ziploc bag that is filled with rice. The rice will draw the moisture from your phone overnight.

TIP! You don’t need to type in the “.com” when browsing the web on your iPhone.

Keep your phone updated. Updating your phone guarantees that you have the latest software fixes, updates and options for your phone. This causes you to make certain that all pictures and important data are stored elsewhere so that if your phone gets damaged, you will not lose everything.

TIP! Protect the screen of your iPhone by purchasing a protective screen. Without a screen protector, you will scratch the face of your phone over time.

While using your phone to browse the Internet, you may find it easier to do with a larger keypad. It is, however, not necessary to purchase a larger keyboard. Flip your phone sideways and begin browsing again. You will now have a keyboard that is bigger and much easier-to-use.

TIP! You can find your way anywhere with your iPhone. You can use the map feature as your GPS to find locations or amenities along your route.

When using Safari, make calls with one tap. For example, let’s say you are looking for a dry cleaner. When you find the number, no need to go to your phone component to make the call. Simply tapping the number will connect you to the phone number that you desire to reach.

TIP! It is pretty easy to retain images from Mail and Safari. Tap on the image for a period of three seconds and it will give you the option to save it.

Use your iphone to help you navigate from place to place. You can use the map feature as your GPS to find locations or amenities along your route. Bookmarking the map allows it to be easily accessed.

TIP! Feeling regrets about what you just typed into iMessage? Has Auto Correct messed up your message’s meaning? You can easily correct the damage by simply shaking your phone. This is a quick way to undo typing.

To dismiss a word that AutoCorrect suggests, you don’t have to tap the “X” that follows the word. Instead, all you have to do is tap anywhere on the screen. This method closes the suggestion box quickly and easily.

TIP! One finger works just as well as two fingers when scrolling through a site. Depending on the layout of the site, both have their advantages.

Want to use an accented letter or an umlaut, but are not sure what to do? It is easy; this is what must be done. Touch the letter you want to change, and hold it for a bit. A box will appear with some extra keys. You can type some fancy letters as much as you want!

TIP! Ever miss a great picture because you could not access your phone’s camera quickly enough? There’s a faster way to take pictures. If you have locked the screen, tap twice on the Home button.

Did you just type something into iMessage that you probably shouldn’t have? Perhaps the dreaded Auto Correct feature has skewed the meaning and garbled your intent. You can quickly undo these problems by shaking your iphone. This motion will erase the message allowing you to type it again. Since this feature is optional, you will have to enable it through the Settings menu.

TIP! As is the case with lots of newer phones, it is possible to have your iPhone generate visual displays of calls as well as messages. If you want silent yet pronounced message notifications, you can set your camera to flash as messages appear.

You probably know very well that you can get rid of your iPhone’s word suggestions when you’re composing text by hitting the “X” in the suggestion box, but there’s a faster way to do it, too. Just tap anyplace at all, and the word will go away.

TIP! A great iPhone tip is to select your own ringtone. Stand apart from the crowd with a ringtone that is personal and shies away from the standard! Use a beloved tune or perhaps just a sound that appeals to you.

You can capture a screenshot while using your iphone. Simply press the “sleep” button while holding in the “home” button. When the screen becomes white, the screenshot is saved on your phone.

TIP! Make the suggested words box on your iPhone quickly disappear! If you’re texting or using email on your phone, simply tap any part of the screen to get rid of the suggestion box. This way, you do not have to hit the x after each word.

AutoText shortcuts save a great deal of time when texting and emailing. Create shortcuts for the phrases that you use most frequently. The feature is useful for complicated emails and phrases you use a lot. This trick can be accessed through the phone’s keyboard feature.

TIP! You probably already know it is possible to set reminders that are time-based on your phone. Also, you can set reminders that are based on locations as well.

If you have the Safari browser in your iphone, you do not need to use the .com extension to access a site. For example, if you want to visit Amazon.com, just type “Amazon” to get to the site.

TIP! One wonderful organizational tool that can be utilized on your phone is the calendar. It’s a lot quicker and more efficient to add events directly rather than relying on the + button.

Add a cool ringtone to make your iphone personalized. You do not have to use the basic tones that come on the phone. Upload a favorite song or a cool sound byte. That will turn heads when your iphone rings.

TIP! Be choosy when it comes to picking apps for your phone. There are quite a few free and paid iPhone apps that are useful.

Don’t go crazy with installing every app you see. There are many iphone apps and some of them are even free. Look into them carefully as some of them may charge you a fee that is not obviously disclosed at the time of the download.

TIP! Taking a photo with the iPhone is so simple, you can do it with just one hand. Do this by simply getting the frame how you desire it, and press the button that says + volume.

There are times when you are busy and don’t want to be interrupted by notifications on your iphone. Chances are you’ll want to ignore the notice and finish your task. There is a way that you can remove these constant notifications. When the pop-up bar appears at the top of your screen, simply swipe it away.

TIP! If you wish to designate an email as “unread” on your iPhone, you will need to locate the command, which is generally not visible. Go to Details, then select the Unread feature.

You can set your iphone to make typing faster and easier. A shortcut to your preferred keyboard can be made by accessing settings section. You can program the phrases that you frequently use. Then, you don’t have to enter them every time you use them.

TIP! Cut down on typing time. Within your phone’s settings, access the general area, and select “keyboard.

Social Media

TIP! Tap cancel in order to save messages. Mail will pop up, offering you the choice to Save, Don’t Save, or Cancel.

The iphone gives you the ability to take advantage of many social media functions. The iphone lets you instantly update your life and friends on any of the major social networks like Facebook or Twitter. You can also read all of your friends’ news and stay on top of trends using your favorite social media apps.

TIP! You can scroll through the contact list of your phone in three different ways. Tap on a single letter to jump to that part of the alphabet, scroll through the list in its entirety using a finger or just do slight pressing.

If you are a bit of a klutz, get your iphone in a case as soon as possible. The last thing you want is a shattered screen because you didn’t put your iphone in a case. Yes, no case can protect 100% of the time, but it will definitely improve your probability of still having a working phone when it does slip out of your hand.

TIP! Use social media to keep up with your friends from your iPhone. Keep up with your friends as you live your life through sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Direct Sunlight

TIP! Name your email accounts if you check more than one with your iPhone. If multiple email accounts share a similar name, you are going to get confused.

Make sure your phone is not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. If you iphone is under the sun directly for a long time, the heat can cause permanent damage. Harsh, direct sunlight can do serious damage to your phone.

TIP! Use great care when handling your iPhone’s connector cord because this is delicate and can be damaged easily. If you need to disconnect the cord from a USB port or a power outlet, do it gently.

Now that you have gone through the preceding paragraphs, you should have a better idea of the ins and outs of owning an iphone. Remember what you have read here so that you can get the most from using your iphone.

TIP! There is an easy way to close programs that are running in your iPhone’s background. You can close them by first double-clicking the home button.