Is The Iphone Really The Best Cell Phone Money Can Buy?

What are iphone apps and how can they help you? It is fortunate for you that the information in this article reveals iphone app secrets to make using your phone much easier. They are certain to ease your life as well.

TIP! The iPhone has applications to help you get to the place that you desire. There is a maps app that is built into the phone, which makes it much easier to for you to always know where you are.

You don’t have to append “.com” to web addresses while you are browsing. All you have to do is type in the main address and you will be directed to the site you are looking for. While it may not seem like much, doing so will save you a lot of time over the life of your phone.

TIP! In order to conserve your battery usage on the iPhone, reduce the brightness level. Just click on over to the settings section and select the option to reduce brightness.

It is now possible for Siri to let your program a location-based reminder. Siri already gives reminders based on a pre-set time. You can also ask Siri to give reminders when you arrive or leave a particular place, such as to phone your employer when you arrive at home. This adds another layer of customization to your iphone. Now the phone will be able to detect when you’re at home instead of relying on the time. You can remind yourself even if you are unsure of the time you will get home.

TIP! Take a picture using the volume and headphones. Press the button on the cord when you are ready.

Protect the screen of your iphone by purchasing a protective screen. Phones that don’t have these protectors are more likely to get scratches and nicks. It is easy for small particles on your fingers to create scratches. A screen protector is essential.

TIP! Are you fed up by all the notifications you get on your iPhone? Here’s how you can turn them off. Open Settings and select the ‘Notifications’ bar.

Though many people use their iphone for surfing the web or email, many are not aware of how easy saving images from these can be. Just hold the image you want for a moment. A box pops up after this period of time prompting you to save any image on your iphone.

TIP! Any website you visit can be made into an app. To try this out, visit the site.

There are many multimedia capabilities available to your iphone. You can enjoy videos from virtually any source on your iphone. This media mobility means you can watch movies or shows wherever you are.

TIP! Use the following trick to make messaging quicker. If you do not want to use the word the dictionary suggests when you are texting with your iPhone, you can simply tap anywhere on the screen to dismiss it.

Second thoughts about something you entered in iMessage? Is the Auto Correct feature not working the way you want? You can quickly undo these problems by shaking your iphone. It erases the most recent typing you have entered. This feature is optional, so you can enable it if you desire to by going to your Settings menu.

TIP! Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s multimedia abilities will let you get more from your device. You can download television shows, movies, and other video clips, so that your iPhone can be an entertainment device wherever you go.

Have you ever missed out on the perfect shot because you couldn’t bring up the camera app fast enough? There’s a faster way to take pictures. Double tap Home twice when the screen is in a locked state. Then you’ll see a camera icon at the bottom right. Choose this button to take high-quality pictures on your iphone.

TIP! The default setting for your iPhone is to show previews of incoming text messages on your lock screen. Some people like this, but others don’t.

The iphone has the option, as do other smartphones, to alert you visually to calls and messages you are receiving on your phone. The LED flash of the iPhone’s camera can be used to notify you silently. Access the settings menu, go to “general” and then “accessibility”. Once you’re there, find the LED flash alerts option and turn it on.

TIP! If you want to multiply, subtract or add something really quick, use the calculator component found in the iPhone’s utilities section. It is a standard calculator with the phone held vertically and a scientific calculator when it is rotated to horizontal.

When using an iphone, you have to remember that it’s a legitimate computer and it needs its operating system updated to the newest version. Apple iPhones are almost as complex as computers now, so there are occasional patches to fix bugs, security holes and functionality issues. For security purposes and all-around general usage, it’s imperative that you update your OS as needed.

TIP! As is the case with lots of newer phones, it is possible to have your iPhone generate visual displays of calls as well as messages. There is also a feature available where you phone will flash when a call or message is received.

Keep your iphone firmware up to date. Not only will this keep your phone useable, but it will also increase it’s battery life. Firmware can be updated by connecting the phone to your computer after you’ve uploaded iTunes. Alternately, you can use iCloud to connect your phone to your Apple computer.

TIP! Keep your iPhone firmware up to date. This can increase usability and boost battery life.

For a time-saving tip for email and texting, make AutoText shortcuts for words and phrases you type often on the iphone. This feature is easy for email addresses and common phrases. You will find this option in the keyboard settings of your iphone.

TIP! A phone can be taken on the iPhone without the phone being shaken while you hold it. Your headphones incorporate volume buttons and these can be used for this purpose.

Save time by leaving the .com off when typing in a web address on Safari. For instance, if you want to go to, just type Amazon in the URL area and off you go.

TIP! Should your iPhone fall in water, wait before trying to turn it on. Dry off the phone first and let the internal moisture evaporate.

In order to mark one of your emails as unread through your iphone, you must locate the command for it because it isn’t on there by default. Open ‘Details’ and click on ‘unread’. This will mark the message as unread the next time you open your Mail app.

TIP! When you are on your iPhone device, you will sometimes get reminders that you do not want. It is easy to keep working on what you were doing so that you do not lose your place.

Visit Facebook from your iphone. Many people know this, but some people are unaware that they can use Facebook on their phone.

TIP! While your phone tries to make site navigation easy, sometimes it is tough to scroll to the top on different pages. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to do this.

If you want to type faster on your iphone, program in word shortcuts. It is under the new shortcut menu, which can be found in the settings. You may make shortcuts for phrases and words you often type by giving them acronyms or abbreviations. When you type these shortcuts, the corresponding words and phrases will be inserted in their entirety.

TIP! You can save a ton of time while typing on your iPhone. Access the Settings screen, then locate General Settings.

You can go through your iPhone’s contact list in three distinct methods. You can scroll through the list with your finger, tap a letter to jump there or press your finger lightly on the list. The last way allows for quick scrolling of the entire list.

TIP! Among the many useful features that come loaded onto your iPhone is a fairly robust dictionary incorporated right into the iOS itself. This particular reference tool can be utilized with almost any app.

Use FaceTime when communication with friends and family. This application lets users actually see their conversation partner. To make use of FaceTime, look for its button in your contact list or folder. If you hit it, you’ll start a video chat with the other person.

TIP! You have different methods to look through the contacts you have on your iPhone. It is possible to use a finger to scan the full list, tap on a single letter to reach its category, or lightly placing one finger on your contacts list.

Do not allow your iphone to be exposed to the sun for a long time. If it is in direct sunlight for a long time, you could find yourself owning a ruined device. The heat, especially during the summer, can seriously damage your iphone.

TIP! FaceTime is great for communicating on the iPhone. It allows users to see the person they are talking to while having a conversation.

As you have undoubtedly gleaned from the text above, there’s nothing overly difficult about operating your iphone. As long as you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can quickly access a wide range of exciting features via your phone. Apply the tips you found and see how they can benefit you!

TIP! In the event that your iPhone freezes, hold down the home button. This will force-quit any apps that are running and let your iPhone reboot.