Learning The Ins And Outs Of The Iphone

Regardless of whether you own an iphone, you are probably aware of how much they can do and how easy it is to do things with it. If you own or are thinking about buying an iphone, read on for some great tips on using it and personalizing it.

TIP! It’s important that you apply new updates to your iPhone’s software and firmware whenever they’re available. These updates may contain bug fixes, feature upgrades and other important options for your iPhone.

It’s important that you apply new updates to your iPhone’s software and firmware whenever they’re available. This means that your phone will always have what it needs to function properly. Regular updating forces data storage and backup so you don’t lose everything you find important.

TIP! If you’re having trouble seeing the characters on your keyboard, you can have a bigger one. It is not necessary to buy a larger keyboard.

If you get a larger keyboard, browsing the web with your iphone will be a little easier. It is not necessary to buy a larger keyboard. Simply rotate the phone and double tap on the address bar in Safari. Your keyboard is larger and easier to use for fast and efficient typing.

TIP! If you’re not using your iPhone’s powerful multimedia features, you’re not getting everything you could be getting out of your phone. You can even download television shows, movies, or just about any other type of video, and then view it where ever you are, making your phone a great option for keeping you or your kids entertained.

Not only can you take photos using your iPhone’s volume buttons, you can also take photos with the buttons on your iphone headphones. Most headphones contain a button you can press to take a photograph. This will help you ensure you don’t shake your phone and create a blurry picture.

TIP! Have you ever had second thoughts about your latest message you just wrote in iMessage? Auto Correct sometimes corrects words you do not wish to be corrected. You can quickly undo these problems by shaking your iPhone.

Did you know that your iphone functions exactly like a GPS? You can use the map feature as your GPS to find locations or amenities along your route. Bookmark the map for ease of use.

TIP! When you are trying to send an email or write a note and you have no interest in using words that are suggested by the iPhone, you do not need to hit the “X” to dismiss the suggestion box. Simply tap anywhere to get rid of this box.

It is pretty easy to retain images from Mail and Safari. Simply touch and hold on an image that you want to save. A box pops up after this period of time prompting you to save any image on your iphone.

TIP! Make sure to keep the OS upgraded to the latest version possible. Each update provide the iPhone technology with necessary patches to make sure that it runs with minimal problems.

There is a better way to turn off the AutoCorrect feature than hitting the “X” button. Just push any place on your screen. This method gets rid of the suggestion box while saving you much needed time.

TIP! Choose a custom ringtone if you have an Iphone. The standard ringtones blend in with other Iphone users and makes you just one of the crowd.

If you do not want to use the iphone suggestions for typing an email or note, it is not necessary to hit “x” to remove the box. Just tap the screen anywhere and the suggestion box will go away.

TIP! If your iPhone is dropped in water, never turn it back on immediately afterwards to find out if it still works. Dry the outside of the phone.

You can capture a screenshot while using your iphone. Once you are on the screen that you would like to take a screenshot of, hold down the “home” button and click on the “sleep” button at the same time. The screen will briefly flash white, indicating that the screenshot was successful.

TIP! Don’t let your iPhone waste your time with word suggestions. You can tap the screen if you don’t want it to suggest anything to you.

If your iphone accidentally falls into a liquid, avoid turning it back on right away as a means of seeing whether it’s working. Thoroughly dry the outside, and let the inside dry overnight. You can short circuit your phone by turning it on while wet.

TIP! If your iPhone freezes, try to relax. Just press the sleep/wake button and see if that resolves the situation.

Make use of your reminder application. However, you may not be aware that location-based reminders are also possible. You can say “remind me to go to the store after I leave work.” The iphone can use all kinds of reminders that are made for it.

TIP! If you are an iPhone owner, consider using Facebook with your phone. Many people know this, but some people are unaware that they can use Facebook on their phone.

A good tip if you own an iphone is to not get crazy with all of the apps. The iphone platform has a lot of free and paid apps. However, there are a few to look out for that could get through the approval process, so be wary of any that get very bad reviews.

TIP! Whenever you have to break away from your email app before your message is complete, remember to tap “cancel” rather than simply closing the app itself. The phone will then inquire whether or not you’d like to save the email.

If you are unhappy with Siri’s mechanized voice, know that there are other choices. The first step is to find Siri in the “general settings” area. Here you can reset Siri to use a different language, such as German or French. You can also modify her accent in order to reflect either British or Australian accent. In fact, the British version of Siri has a male voice.

TIP! If you have started a message but want to finish it later on your iPhone, you can just tap the Cancel key. The mail option will appear and will ask if you want to Save or Don’t Save, or if you want to cancel.

If you have started a message but want to finish it later on your iphone, you can just tap the Cancel key. A popup will appear and ask you if you want to save, delete or cancel the operation. Once saved, the message will be sent to the Drafts folder. If Drafts isn’t available, one will be created following it.

TIP! Your iPhone has many features, but are you taking advantage of its built-in dictionary? It’s one feature often overlooked. This can be used as a point of reference in pretty much any app you use.

You can scroll through your contacts in three ways on the iphone. You have the option of tapping on a letter to quickly jump to it, scrolling through the whole list with your finger, or gently pressing your finger against the list. Method three allows you to quickly scroll through the entire list.

TIP! Make sure your phone is not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. If you leave your phone in direct sunlight a long time, it could be completely ruined.

There are a few methods for scrolling through iphone contacts with your fingers, but there is also another method that does not involve flicking. Put your finger right on the list. Simply slide down and up to your desire. You will be able to browse through your contact list more quickly.

TIP! You may have multiple mail accounts to check daily using your iPhone. Give different names to each account for ease of organization.

The iPhone’s versatility is one of its greatest selling features. Using the BlingTV application will turn it into a remote control. The iphone can control certain TV models, as well as amps and DVD players. You can even receive alerts when your favorite TV shows are going to be on.

TIP! Extracting the most value from an iPhone requires familiarity with a number of skills, one of which involves deleting emails with just a single finger. Go to the inbox where you can simply slide your finger across an email which will then bring up the delete button.

If you don’t plan on watching a video you’ve viewed on your phone again, be careful not to save it. You are prompted after watching any video whether you would like it removed. Choose this option to free up more space in your phone.

TIP! Have you ever wanted to change your alert tone on your iPhone? There is a simple and easy way to customize your iPhone alert tones. From the Settings menu, go to Sounds.

Sometimes scrolling on the small iphone window on certain webpages can be difficult. You may find your self scrolling through the main webpage instead. You may want to zoom in to the window if you are experiencing a problem. Then, use two instead of one finger to scroll through the list.

TIP! Use the camera to take high quality pictures. The built-in camera on your iPhone enables you to take many pictures.

Is backing up your contacts something you need to do? If you download the iDrive Lite app, you can easily back up, share or restore all your general contacts. If you have updated your phone’s software to version 2. prior to the install, the app is totally free.

TIP! Make sure you keep the screen dark when you’re not using your iPhone. The brighter your phone, the faster your battery will run out.

After reading this article, you should have learned more about the iphone and its power. If this is true for you, you only need to use the information to get the best use from your phone, or make a decision about whether the phone is a good choice for you.

TIP! You should try not to save too many video files on your iPhone. Full motion pictures take approximately 1G of space.