Looking For Iphone Tips? Try These Tricks!

If you are one of the millions of people who have recently purchased an iphone, you may have found yourself puzzled by its many features. Don’t be paralyzed with fear! Read this article to gain a full understanding of your iphone and discover how to use it to its fullest potential.

TIP! Don’t waste any time keying in “.com” (or any other TLD) on the end of URLs when you’re browsing the Internet on your iPhone.

You should be sure to update your iphone each time a new update is available. Keeping your phone updated will ensure that it is loaded with the latest options and software patches. You will also have to store all photos and other information you have on your computer in case something bad occurs to the phone, you’re covered.

TIP! Increasing the speed of your messaging is another trick to the iPhone. If you prefer not to insert the word suggested by the dictionary while texting, tap your finger anywhere on your iPhone’s screen; this dismisses the suggestion.

One of the best buys you can make for your iphone is a protective screen. Phones that don’t have these protectors are more likely to get scratches and nicks. Tiny bits of dirt from fingers can be responsible for scratches. Make sure to keep a protective screen on the phone.

TIP! There is no need to tap the ‘X’ button to waive the iPhone’s suggestions. This makes it easier and more efficient to use your phone to send emails or texts.

If you are looking for ways to make the best use of your iphone, you should look into its many media viewing features. You can use the iphone to view your favorite movie or television show.

TIP! By default, your iPhone will show a preview of incoming messages on the lock screen. You may like this feature, or you may think it’s annoying.

Depending on the layout of the page, one or two fingers could allow you to navigate through different parts of the page. When the webpage uses dividing boxes, one finger scrolls from box to box. Using two fingers allows you to scroll through the entire page.

TIP! If you need to do some quick math, but not in your head, make use of the calculator in your iPhone. When you hold your calculator vertical it is standard, but when horizontal it shifts into a scientific calculator.

Most iphone owners use their phones as cameras. If you take a lot of pictures, there is a way to sort and organize them. The iphone makes it easy to organize your photos and even easier to find them. This feature helps you to quickly find a picture among the many you’ve taken.

TIP! Your iPhone Safari browser will do most anything a computer browser can do. If you run into a picture you want to save while you’re browsing, just tap and hold it.

Has the perfect shot ever escaped you because you were not able to open up your camera app quickly enough? Here is a simple shortcut that is quick. First, just tap on the Home feature two times while the phone is locked. There should be a little icon for your camera along the screen bottom. Choose this button to take high-quality pictures on your iphone.

TIP! Firmware on your iPhone should be kept up to date. This will improve the phone’s usability and the battery life of your phone.

When you are using your iphone, you can take a screenshot. Whenever you’re on a screen you want to snap, hold down the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously. The screen will turn white when the image is saved to the memory of your phone.

TIP! You can turn on the sound of the keyboard clicks of your phone by accessing the “sounds” feature. Some people find it helpful to hear the clicks of typing to keep from making mistakes, while others find the sound irritating and prefer silent typing.

If your iphone gets wet when you drop it, don’t panic–this happens to a lot of people. However, it’s important not to turn it back on right away. Dry off the exterior of the phone and leave it out overnight before trying to turn it back on. Trying to power it on when wet may cause irreparable circuit damage.

TIP! Try not to purchase or store too many apps on your iPhone. There are quite a few free and paid iPhone apps that are useful.

To make the most of your iphone, try using it to stay connected on Facebook. Not everyone knows yet that Facebook and other social networks are accessible from the iphone.

TIP! Taking a photo with the iPhone is so simple, you can do it with just one hand. All you have to do is aim and press the volume increase button.

One of the helpful built-in resources in your iphone is the dictionary. This resource is available in practically all the apps you can run on your phone. Tap then hold on a word; when the options come up, choose Define.

TIP! Scrolling to the top on a long webpage can take a while. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to do this.

You can get to your favorites and controls instantly. Simply go to the settings area, tap general, then hit the home button. Any option that you want to customize can be modified if you tap on it twice and change the settings that appear. This is easy to do when you know the right steps.

TIP! If you have an iPhone, make use of Facebook. Your iPhone can be used to quickly and easily access Facebook and use it to stay connected with your friends and family.

You can scroll through your iphone contacts in three different ways. You can scroll through normally, click on a letter on the right side of the screen, or slide your finger along the letters on the right side of the screen. The last option scrolls you rapidly right down the contacts.

TIP! Think about buying a battery management application. Several different apps are available.

Popular Social Media

TIP! Reduce the time you spend typing on your iPhone. Go to Settings, then General, and then Keyboard to add new shortcuts.

Use your iphone to connect via social media with your friends. The iphone lets you update all your family and friends about your life using these popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Stay connected to the latest developments with the most popular social media applications.

TIP! The iPhone is wonderful for easily being able to send photos to all your friends and family. Thare are two easy ways to get this done.

Use FaceTime when communication with friends and family. It lets you see the person you are talking to. When you are in contacts, you can find this function after you click the contact’s name. Once you find the button, press it to both hear and see who you are communicating with.

TIP! FaceTime is great for communicating on the iPhone. FaceTime allows you to look at the person you are talking to.

Avoid extreme temperatures when you have your iphone with you. For instance, if you need to go into frozen lockers or refrigerated areas frequently, do not take your phone. These low temperature areas can cause water formation on the inside of the phone, which can damage it.

TIP! There is an easy way to remove unwanted emails with just a swipe of your finger. While in your inbox, swiping a finger across a particular message (as though you are crossing something off a list) causes a delete button to pop up, allowing you to dispose of the message instantly.

When using your iphone, make sure you don’t accidentally save videos you don’t plan on re-watching. When you are finished watching a video, you receive a prompt about whether you want to take the video off the phone. Doing so will let you save storage space.

TIP! It can be difficult to scroll through a tiny window when on your iPhone’s browser. You might just discover that you are instead scrolling through the overall website instead of the smaller frame.

Be very careful with the iphone connector cord because these have been known to get damaged quite easily. If you need to disconnect the cord from a USB port or a power outlet, do it gently. If cared for properly, the cord will last as long as one year.

TIP! You will need to back up your contacts from your iPhone. Use iDrive Lite to save your contact list and restore it if you have to.

The iPhone’s integrated camera can help you take terrific photos. The iPhone’s great, built-in camera enables you to take pictures wherever and whenever you like. You simply have to send them to your personal computer, and you will always have an endless amount of photos to take. Needing a digital camera becomes less important when an iphone is available.

TIP! When the phone is not in use, darken the screen as much as possible. The brighter your phone, the faster your battery will run out.

Apple offers many iphone tutorials. These step by step tutorials can be extremely helpful when it comes to learning how to use your phone properly. Make use of this article whenever you are confused about something. If you do, your phone is certain to meet all your needs.

TIP! Get comfortable with your iPhone by fiddling around with it. When you explore and test things, you are better able to understand what it can do.

You should now know more features you can access with your iphone. When you know what to do with your iphone, you can better your daily life. Utilize the knowledge you’ve just learned in order to maximize the use of your iphone.

TIP! Do you have more than one program running on your iPhone, which must be shut down? This can be accomplished quick by just tapping the home key. Look for the app you want to close, then keep your fingertip on it.