Simple Tips To Help You Manage The Iphone

The iphone is a useful and convenient device. An iphone can offer a world of entertainment, along with tool that can organize your daily life. However, there are many different ways you can change it to make the experience personalized. Keep reading to learn how to do so.

TIP! The iPhone has applications to help you get to the place that you desire. There is a maps app that is built into the phone, which makes it much easier to for you to always know where you are.

Dim the brightness of your iphone to reduce battery consumption. You can change the brightness by going to the settings portion of your iphone. This will lengthen the time that the battery is powered between charges.

TIP! If you would like your iPhone battery to last longer, dial down the brightness factor of your phone’s display. The phone has a brightness option within its settings area, and this can be amended easily.

It is easy to make apps from sites you always visit. Just go to the site. Tap “Go” when you have the site loaded in your browser. You will then have the option of adding the website to the home screen. Once its on your home screen, it can be re-named and made into an app of your making.

TIP! When in Safari, you can easily make phone calls with just one tap. Suppose you are using the Internet to locate a pharmacy near your home.

Use the multimedia features on your iphone to get the most out of it. You can download or stream videos, films, television shows and more from hundreds of different websites. Your iphone can be an extremely powerful portable media station.

TIP! Though many people use their iPhone for surfing the web or email, many are not aware of how easy saving images from these can be. Tap on the image for a period of three seconds and it will give you the option to save it.

Have you ever had second thoughts about your latest message you just wrote in iMessage? Has Auto Correct messed up your message’s meaning? No worries! Just shake your iphone! It erases the most recent typing you have entered. This optional feature needs to be enabled, so look at your Settings to ensure it is available.

TIP! The iPhone allows you to grow the dictionary and shortcuts. Your dictionary makes it easier to say what you want.

Have you ever missed out on a great picture because your couldn’t access your iPhone’s camera quickly? This shortcut will help you to save a lot of time and get all the pictures you desire. When your screen is locked, simply tap your Home button twice. There should be a little icon for your camera along the screen bottom. Slide up on this button to have your camera app automatically open.

TIP! Add efficiency to messaging by using this technique. Whenever the dictionary automatically suggests a word that you don’t need as you’re typing your text message, you can eliminate it by tapping any area of the screen.

You may take a picture without shaking your iphone. You can do this with your headphones by pushing the volume button. Start by steadying your hand on whatever subject you wish to capture. This is a very convenient feature. Simply use the buttons on the cord when you want to take a photo.

TIP! When your email is tagged to your iPhone, you’ll be alerted to email quickly on your phone. This feature allows you to receive and view messages right away directly on your iPhone.

Don’t concern yourself with the words iphone suggests when you are typing. When typing an email or a note, you can quickly banish the suggested words box by tapping anywhere on the screen. This way you do not have to tap the “x” after every word you type.

TIP! If you are concerned about privacy when using Siri, you may want to keep your Siri conversations to a minimum. Voice prompts spoken to Siri are recorded by Apple and then stored on their internal server.

Don’t go crazy with installing every app you see. The iphone platform has a lot of free and paid apps. Stay away from apps developed by a company you do not trust; some apps will collect your private information.

TIP! You can use your Safari browser use you iPhone just like a computer, even for saving images of the Internet. When you find an image you want to keep, simply tap it and hold.

Do not panic if your iphone freezes. First, press the Sleep/Wake button. If that doesn’t fix the issue, hit the home button and the sleep and wake button. This will start a hard reset and it should reboot in a few moments.

TIP! Take photos with you iPhone without messing up the image by shaking it too much. Do this by using your headphones’ volume controls.

You can mark emails as unread; however, the option is not visible on the main, mail screen. Navigate to “details,” then click on “unread”; when you re-open the email app, the message will appear unread.

TIP! If you prefer hearing clicks every time you hit a key while texting, you can turn that feature on in your phone’s Sounds section. You will know each character has registered by the sound you hear.

Your iphone is a great platform for using Facebook. There are people are not aware of the full connectivity powers of social networking and their iPhones.

TIP! AutoText shortcuts can be made for your commonly used phrases to save messaging time. This function is great when dealing with long email addresses or for common phrases.

Create Shortcuts

TIP! If you ever drop your iPhone in water, do not attempt to turn it on right away. Let it dry out as much as possible before attempting to turn the power on.

To be more efficient with your iphone, you can create shortcuts for words. From the “settings” menu, go to “general, then to “keyboard”, and from there to “add new shortcut.” You can create shortcuts for common phrases or words you type often by adding abbreviations or acronyms. As you type the shortcuts, the words that correspond will become inserted.

TIP! The Calender feature on the iPhone is one of the best organizational tools available. It can be utilized quicker and with greater efficiency by the direct addition of events as opposed to pressing “+” with each addition.

You can take screenshots at any point by using your iphone. Press the home and power button at one time. Make sure they are only pressed for a short period of time, as pressing them down for a longer period than needed may cause problems. A screenshot will be produced and directed to the app for Images.

TIP! An important tip for using an iPhone is avoiding the use of too many apps. There are so many wonderful iPhone apps, some of which are free, while others that cost money.

If you would like to save any messages you are typing for later, tap the cancel button. This will bring up the option to save, cancel or delete the current message. When it is saved, it is stored in Drafts. If there is not a drafts folder already created, the phone will create one for you.

TIP! There are times when you are busy and don’t want to be interrupted by notifications on your iPhone. If this interrupts you from time to time, this can be a hassle.

Your iphone will also you to very quickly retrieve your iPod and other favored features. Enter your setting menu, select general and finally the home button. Then you can customize by clicking twice, then select the options you prefer to customize. If done correctly, the process is relatively easy.

TIP! Cut down on typing time. Go to Settings and then General to select the Keyboard option and add new shortcuts.

Use your phone to send photos to your family and friends. Two primary methods exist in which you can accomplish this. You could just go the traditional route of an email attachment, but nowadays you can also upload it to Facebook.

TIP! Are you accident prone? If so, then you should immediately put your iPhone into a case. You can actually shatter the glass on the iPhone’s front if you drop it without proper protection.

A fabulous iphone communication tool is that of FaceTime. This feature gives you the option to see whoever you’re having a conversation with. You will find the button for FaceTime in your contacts. If you hit it, you’ll start a video chat with the other person.

TIP! Be careful with your iPhone charging cord; it can become damaged easily. Gently pull the cord from any power outlets or USB ports.

Is there a certain person or people that you text frequently? If so, you should favorite their numbers. Through the favorite list or the recent call list, you can easily text people or place a call as needed. To text someone, tap the arrow next to their number. Then choose “text message.” This makes it simpler and faster to get in touch with those whose calls you’ve missed or whom you contact most frequently.

TIP! It is important to back up your phone contact list. This can simply be done by getting a neat little app that is called iDrive Lite.

It can be a bit complicated when scrolling through a tiny window on website in the iPhone’s browser. You may inadvertently find yourself scrolling through the entire page. If you seem to be having problems scrolling, use your iPhone’s zoom feature. After this, go through the list with two fingers rather than one.

TIP! Personalize your alert tones. You can eliminate this problem by customizing your tones.

As you know, an iphone is useful for many more things than just phone calls. There are some things it can do that even you may not know about. By using these tips and tricks, you can get the most from using your iphone.

TIP! Don’t store a lot of movies on your phone. Full motion movies take about 1G in your storage compartment.