How To Use Your Iphone To Its Full Potential

With the seemingly limitless apps the iphone offers, there is something for everyone on the iphone. Both young and old alike will find hours of entertainment offered by the apps available. Read the following article to find out more about the amazing features of the iphone.

TIP! You need not worry about being lost when you have your iPhone. The maps app is in the phone when you buy it and can let you see the location when you have service.

Headphone Cord

TIP! If you have an iPhone, it is important that it has a protective screen. Without a protector, there will be scratches and nicks.

Once you know how to take a photo using the volume buttons, try doing it by using your headphone cord. As you prepare to take the picture, steady your hand, then quickly depress the button located on the headphone cord. This will help you ensure you don’t shake your phone and create a blurry picture.

TIP! It’s not necessary to press the X to get rid of that annoying AutoCorrect suggestion box. Just tap somewhere else on the screen instead.

When using Safari, make calls with a single tap. For example, let’s say you are looking for a dry cleaner. When you find the number, no need to go to your phone component to make the call. Just tapping the number will connect you to the business that you want to call.

TIP! One useful application allows you to upload and save files to your iPhone. You can easily upload a variety of multimedia files to your iPhone.

Make navigation easier with your iphone. The iPhone’s map can be used as a GPS to help you find your way to locations, as well as to find attractions. Bookmarking the map allows it to be easily accessed.

TIP! Add efficiency to messaging by using this technique. If you prefer not to insert the word suggested by the dictionary while texting, tap your finger anywhere on your iPhone’s screen; this dismisses the suggestion.

Did you know that any website you visit can be made into an app? Start by going to the website. Tap “Go” once you access the site. This will give you the option to add this site to your home screen. Like any other app you create, you can easily rename this link once you have it stored safely on the home screen.

TIP! One thing you can do with your new iPhone is to make the most of the multimedia capabilities. Your iPhone can handle your entertainment needs.

Are there special characters such as umlauts or accents that you would like to use in your texts? It is as simple as this. Use your finger to select the letter, then hold it down for one or two seconds. A pop-up box should appear, featuring a variety of alternate keys. You can then type whatever you want!

TIP! Tag email account on the iPhone so that you can quickly get to your messages. This helps greatly because once you get an instant notification, you can check out the message instantaneously on the iPhone.

Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s multimedia abilities will let you get more from your device. By downloading episodes of your favorite television series, a classic movie or humorous clips from countless online sources, you can turn your iphone into an incredibly versatile solution for all of your entertainment needs.

TIP! If you’re sending an email and you do not wish to use the words that your iPhone suggests, the “X” button does not have to be tapped in order to get rid of the suggestion box. Just tap the screen anywhere to cancel the suggestion box.

Always upgrade your OS to the most recent version. The iphone is really like a mini-computer, so every now and then patches appear to fix security holes, bugs and issues with functionality. Updating is crucial especially if personal information is used or accessed if you go online with your phone.

TIP! Have you ever been disappointed that you could not get your camera up in time to get a perfect shot? Here is a simple shortcut that will solve that problem. While you have the screen locked, quickly touch Home button two times.

Always remember to keep the iphone firmware updated. This can increase usability and boost battery life. Just install iTunes on your computer and then connect your iphone to it. Or, you can take advantage of iCloud’s ability to the phone to an Apple computer.

TIP! Just like with lots of other smartphones, the iPhone can be set to give you visual indicators of when you receive calls and/or messages. There are plenty of options you can select here to give you an indicator.

You may take a picture without shaking your iphone. Utilize the volume controls found on the headphones. Make your hand as steady as possible before you take your photo. The buttons on the cord will need to be pressed once you are ready to snap the picture.

TIP! It’s pretty easy to take a screencap on your iPhone. Hold the sleep and home buttons for at least three seconds and this will take the snapshot.

Scrolling to the top on a long webpage can take a while. This can be avoided by making one simple click. You can quickly go right back to the top by tapping on the top bar of your screen that has the clock in it. This is also the case for long lists of other types.

TIP! Always ensure your OS is up to date. Not only will it help your phone function better, but it will also enable the battery to last longer, too.

Think about purchasing an app for battery management. There are a few options, and they help you make your battery last longer. These apps can tell you when it’s time to charge your battery as well.

TIP! Change the ringtone of your iPhone to a tune you like. You don’t want to be just like the rest of the crowd who probably just use the standard ringtones.

If there is not sufficient time when composing your email, rather than closing the email app tap on it to cancel. Your iphone will then inquire if you prefer to save this email in your drafts. This allows you to finish up your email a later time if you have something to do.

TIP! Most people know that you can set a reminder for a specific time using the iPhone, such as “Dentist at 4:30.” Also, which most people aren’t aware of is that you can set a location-based reminder too! An example would be to remind you of ballet practice for your daughter right after work.

Save time typing with your iphone. Just go to the Settings section, then General, Keyboard, and lastly, enter a brand new shortcut. If you do this, it will program any long words or phrases you use often. Then, going forward, you would not need type out all of the characters.

TIP! Your iPhone has a calendar that is great to help you organize your life. It can be utilized quicker and with greater efficiency by the direct addition of events as opposed to pressing “+” with each addition.

If you have started a message but want to finish it later on your iphone, you can just tap the Cancel key. Mail will ask whether you want to cancel the message, save it, or discard it. When you select the save option, your message will be placed into the Drafts folder which will allow you to continue writing your message later. If Drafts isn’t available, one will be created following it.

TIP! You can capture a photo with one hand when using your device. By pressing on + volume button, you can get any picture you have framed.

One of the great features on the iphone is the comprehensive dictionary that has been preloaded. This resource is available in practically all the apps you can run on your phone. Simply tap and then hold down a word and pick the “define” option.

TIP! To make the most of your iPhone, try using it to stay connected on Facebook. Many people know this, but some people are unaware that they can use Facebook on their phone.

If you are looking for a new way to scroll through the contacts in your phone, you are in luck. The iphone offers three methods to access your desired contact’s information easily. You can tap one letter, go through the whole list, or press slightly to get to the list. You can quickly scroll through your list by using the third way.

TIP! Your iPhone gives you the power to take a screenshot at any time. You just need to press the home button and power button together.

Social Media

TIP! Use your iPhone to connect through social media to all of your friends. You can update your profiles from any location with an iPhone on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

Use social media to keep up with your friends from your iphone. The iphone lets you update all your family and friends about your life using these popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Use the social apps to get instant news and updates to know what everyone in the world is doing first.

TIP! Your iPhone does not bode well to temperature variations. For instance, if you enter refrigerators or freezers at work, leave your phone somewhere with a steadier climate.

A great aspect of the iphone is how versatile it is. For example, the BlinqTV app can turn your iphone into a remote control. This will allow your iphone to control some TVs, receivers and DVD players. By downloading the app, you will also receive an option to set up program reminders.

TIP! Make sure your phone is not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. If you leave your iPhone out in the sun for hours, you might ruin it for good.

The information in this article can help you explain to anyone how easy it is to customize and use the iphone. The guidance contained in this piece has likely given you everything you need.

TIP! If you want to access several email accounts from your iPhone, name each one something different. You might become confused if all of your accounts are named similarly.