Enjoy Your Iphone Even More With These Great Tips

Owning an iphone is just not having a simple phone, but this is probably something you’re already aware of. You purchased an iphone because you wanted the best. However, are you aware of your iPhone’s full and true potential? The below article provides some excellent suggestions to help you get the most out of your iphone.

TIP! It is now possible for Siri to let your program a location-based reminder. Rather than asking Siri to tell you to do something at noon, you have another option.

Always use a screen protector with your iphone. Those who do not use screen protectors run the risk of incurring scratches on the screen. Even dirt on your fingers may cause scratches. Therefore, a screen protector is an essential accessory.

TIP! Taking pictures from the headphone cord on the iPhone can save a lot of time and effort. Start off by getting the picture you want and put it in the frame.

An iphone can act as your GPS. You could utilize the in-built map facility for finding your way around unknown areas that you are visiting. Bookmarking the map allows it to be easily accessed.

TIP! Use multimedia to maximize your iPhone’s capabilities. Your iPhone can handle your entertainment needs.

To save time, do not always click the “X” button when the AutoCorrect function erroneously changes your word. Just tap the screen. You can tap anywhere and still get rid of the suggestions. This will close the suggestion box for you, which is a much faster method.

TIP! Everyone uses their iPhone to take pictures. However, after you’re done take so many photos it can get pretty crazy trying to sort through them all on your phone.

Beware of talking to Siri too much on your iphone, if you care about your privacy. Apple records virtually all voice prompts to Siri and stores them on an internal server. This is done because it helps the speech recognition program work better, but remember that it also records everything that you say when using the Siri app.

TIP! If you are writing something and wish not to use the iPhone’s suggested words, forget about using the “x” to get rid of them. By tapping on any other part of the screen, you can dismiss the suggestion box automatically.

Regularly update the firmware of your iphone. This will not only ensure that your phone is up to date, but that you get better usage from your battery. By putting iTunes on your computer and linking your phone to it, you can bring your firmware up to date. Or, you can connect your iphone to your computer through iCloud.

TIP! Whenever you’re using your iPhone, you can take a quick screenshot. Press the home and sleep button together for taking a screenshot.

If you would like to have a sound verification when pressing a key, go to the keyboard clicks and select On. These clicks help you know that the phone is picking up every tap you make, helping you lessen your mistakes.

TIP! If you prefer hearing clicks every time you hit a key while texting, you can turn that feature on in your phone’s Sounds section. Some people prefer to hear the clicks, while others find the sound bothersome.

You should save your most frequently typed phrases as AutoText shortcuts. This saves you a lot of time when typing. It’ll be a lot faster to input frequently-used phrases (e.g. “I’m coming,” “Where are you?”) or email addresses (a shortcut for your own address is always useful). You’ll find the necessary settings lurking in the iphone settings’ “Keyboard” section.

TIP! As you probably know, you can set reminders to start at certain times. Did you know that it’s possible to set reminders based on location? An example would be to remind you of ballet practice for your daughter right after work.

You can use your iPhone’s calendar as an excellent organization tool. Enhanced speed and efficiency can be achieved by directly entering events instead of using the “+” function. While viewing the “Day” screen, tap and hold on a given hour to automatically insert an event at that time. Faster scheduling frees up your time!

TIP! In order to choose to make an email stay marked as unread, you have to locate the command because it’s not visible. Navigate to details and tap unread; that’s all there is to it.

Every so often you will be using the iphone when all of a sudden you get interrupted with notification. Before paying attention to the notification, you may feel like finishing what you were originally doing. This is easy to handle. To do this, swipe the notification away with your finger when it appears on your screen.

TIP! If you are unhappy with Siri’s mechanized voice, know that there are other choices. Locate the Siri app in the General Settings menu.

Think about buying an app for battery management. They let you know where and how you are utilizing batter power, in addition to giving you steps you can take to increase the life of your battery. They will also be able to alert you when the time has come to calibrate, which helps to keep the battery healthy.

TIP! With your iPhone, snapping a screenshot is simple. You can accomplish this by pressing the Home and Power buttons at the same time.

Word shortcuts can be set on your iphone. Go to Settings, then select General, Keyboard, and lastly Add New. You can create shortcuts for common phrases or words you type often by adding abbreviations or acronyms. As you use these shortcuts, the correct words or phrases will be typed.

TIP! Tap cancel to save an email message. A popup will appear and ask you if you want to save, delete or cancel the operation.

You can access your favorites and the iPod controls instantly. To find this, you can go to the Home button under Settings->General. Once here, you can double click the options you are wanting to make more unique. Following these steps allows you to easily customize your phone.

TIP! Stay connected with everyone by using social media on your iPhone. Your iPhone has apps available for both Facebook and Twitter.

Your iphone can be used to send valuable pictures to your family and/or friends. You can do this in two ways. The iphone makes it easy to upload your images to either your email or to your Facebook account.

TIP! When you encounter a frozen screen, press the Home button for at least 5 seconds. The phone should reboot.

An excellent way to communicate with your iphone is through FaceTime. FaceTime is a video call option that you can use over wi-fi. You can use it by going into your contacts and choosing to start a FaceTime call. You press the Face Time button and you will be able to see as well as hear the person with whom you are talking.

TIP! Be careful to avoid exposing the iPhone to extremely hot or cold temperatures. Don’t leave it in your car in extreme heat and don’t bring it with you into walk-in freezers.

If you’ve got a frozen iphone, hold down your “home” button for five seconds. Your phone should reboot during this time. If not, hold both the Power and Home button together for about 12 to 15 seconds. You should only use the second method after the first one fails.

TIP! Assign a different name for email accounts if you want to use them all on the iPhone. You might become confused if all of your accounts are named similarly.

Avoid placing your phone in extreme temperature areas. Don’t leave it in your car in extreme heat and don’t bring it with you into walk-in freezers. Moisture can accumulate inside the phone if it is subjected to these extreme temperatures.

TIP! To save space, try not to store too many videos on your phone simultaneously. After you view a video, you’ll be asked if you’d like to remove it.

Adjust the brightness on the screen to save the battery. A bright screen can quickly drain your battery. Having a dark screen will ensure that your battery life is maximized.

TIP! Be careful with your iPhone charging cord; it can become damaged easily. When it is time to disconnect the power cord, do it gently.

Spend some time playing around with your phone. The more you play with it, the more knowledgeable you will be with your iphone. Just dedicate a good 30 minutes every day towards using your iphone, and you should get the hang of it in a week or two.

TIP! Do you enjoy staying on top of the weather? If so, you can access a six-day weather forecast by swiping your phone from left to right. Conversely, tap the weather bar on your Notifications screen to open the weather application.

Wireless Radio Functions

TIP! When using your iPhone as a music player, it is possible to shuffle the alignment of your screen icons. Choose settings and go to the option to ‘add more icons’.

Shut off any wireless radio functions on your iphone if you are not using them. Even if you are not using them, they still use battery power. Included in these wireless radio functions are GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can shut them off when not in use.

TIP! Has your iPhone stopped responding and become frozen? If nothing happens when you push the Sleep or the Home buttons, then hold down your Home button for a full six seconds. That will make any applications close.

The iphone offers tons of features and is truly amazing. It just takes a little effort to learn to use the iphone to its full potential. This article contained tips and tricks to help you utilize your iphone to its full potential. Have all the fun you can with your iphone!

TIP! Make sure your iPhone is safe by getting insurance on it. Both of these options together will cover anything that might happen to your phone.