The Ins And Outs Of Apples Iphone.

With all of the unique apps that an iphone can provide there is something for everyone to use and enjoy. There are things on an iphone that a young child or an elderly adult could find useful and entertaining. Continue reading this article in order to learn more concerning your iphone and the features available.

TIP! Cut down the brightness of your display to save the battery. Simply use the settings on your phone to adjust how bright the screen on your iPhone shines.

Your iphone is like a small GPS. The iPhone’s maps app comes loaded onto your phone right when you get it, making it a breeze to locate yourself as long as you’re connected to the network. This application is handy for getting back home, or locatiing a new destination.

TIP! You can use Safari to just do one tap and make a phone call. Suppose you are searching for a dry cleaner that is close by.

If you’re having trouble seeing the characters on your keyboard, you can have a bigger one. In order to get a bigger keyboard, you don’t even need to purchase one. Instead, you can simply turn your iphone clockwise 90 degrees, then lightly tap the URL bar in Safari. This gives you instant access to a larger keyboard.

TIP! Buy a screen to protect your phone. If you don’t apply a screen protector, your phone can suffer from scratches and nicks.

Ask Siri

TIP! Getting from one destination to another is easy with the iPhone. The map feature can help you find the nearest gas station or navigate an unfamiliar area.

Siri allows you to set reminders based on your location. It is no longer necessary to ask Siri to remind you to call the office at a specified hour. But you can also ask Siri to remind you when you get home. As soon as the iphone detects that you are home, it will activate the reminder. This way if you don’t know what time you’re getting home, you can still set a reminder.

TIP! Has a good opportunity to take a picture passed you by because you couldn’t get to the camera app quickly enough? Luckily, there is a shortcut that will help to speed things up. Tap your home button two times in quick succession to pull up the camera icon.

Buy a screen protector for your iphone. If you don’t apply a screen protector, your phone can suffer from scratches and nicks. Tiny bits of dirt from fingers can be responsible for scratches. Your Iphone deserves a protective screen to keep it looking new.

TIP! A great way to save a lot of time when playing with your iPhone is to set custom shortcuts for AutoText. This can help with email addresses and phrases that are used often like “Where are you?” or “On my way.

Use your iphone to download yourself an app that enables you to upload any files you want onto your phone, this way you can use your iphone as a file storage device. You are able to upload videos, music or pictures and text files. You can view and manipulate your files right through your iphone, or link it to another computer to download and access them.

TIP! Choose a custom ringtone if you have an Iphone. This will keep you from feeling like one of the crowd when your phone rings.

Taking pictures from the headphone cord on the iphone can save a lot of time and effort. To begin, frame the picture that you are going to take. Simply push the volume button on the headphone cord. This will take the photo. Follow the same steps as usual to save or alter the photo.

TIP! If you drop an iPhone in water, don’t turn it on to check it. Instead, remove as much water as possible from the device, then allow it to dry overnight.

There are different ways that you can improve how fast your messages are created. You can dismiss dictionary word suggestions by tapping the screen. You don’t need to hit the “x” provided by the word.

TIP! Make sure you are reserved when it comes to the number of apps you are installing. There are millions of apps for you to choose from, as you should select wisely.

Are you writing in another language or using a foreign word? You can add accented letters to your text. Here is how to do it. Touch the letter you’d like to see more options for, and hold down for a few seconds. A box is supposed to appear that has many extra keys. Here, you can choose unique letters to spice up your text.

TIP! Battery management apps have many benefits. These apps can help you discover which programs and functions are burning your battery the fastest.

Email Accounts

TIP! Love Siri but loathe her voice? If so, this tip should be of interest to you. Find Siri in the General Settings area.

Sync your email accounts with your iphone to easily access your messages. This is very important as you can get instant notifications whenever you get a message and will be able to view messages immediately on your phone. You can tag one or various email accounts to your iphone.

TIP! You can gain access to your iPod controls through your favorites. Simply go to the settings area, tap general, then hit the home button.

Picture taking is a common function that many iphone owners use often. It can be hard to sort through pictures after taking them. The album feature can help you create more organization on your phone with your photographs. This cuts down on a lot of time when searching for a particular picture you would like to see.

TIP! One of the useful things you can do with your iPhone is share pictures with your various contacts. Two options are available to achieve this.

Always remember to update your OS anytime a new version comes out. Each update provide the iphone technology with necessary patches to make sure that it runs with minimal problems. These updates help to ensure that you are able to access your information, and keep the iphone functioning properly.

TIP! FaceTime is great for communicating on the iPhone. It helps people look at those they are conversing with.

Using the suggested word feature on the iphone is a waste of time. If you need to type a note or email and you’re tired of suggestions, tap anywhere on the screen to make the suggestion box vanish. This eliminates the need to tap the “x” to move from word to word.

TIP! Are you accident prone? If so, then you should immediately put your iPhone into a case. You can actually shatter the glass on the iPhone’s front if you drop it without proper protection.

Your iPhone’s calendar is a great tool to help you keep organized. You can add events directly to the calendar without needing to use the “+” setting. While you are in “Day” view, if you tap and hold on any hour, you can automatically create an event for that particular time. With this quick scheduling, you’ll have more time to be more efficient elsewhere!

TIP! Sometimes scrolling on the small iPhone window on certain webpages can be difficult. Small windows located on a webpage can be difficult to scroll.

A good tip if you own an iphone is to not get crazy with all of the apps. There is a huge number of different apps for your iphone. Some are free, and some come with a cost. Be careful about the apps you use, some might steal your information or have hidden charges associated with their use.

TIP! Be sure to take care of all of your chargers and computer connection cords, as they are prone to breaking when they are abused. When you disconnect your iPhone from the cord, be gentle with it.

Interruptions many frequently bother you while you are using your iphone. You may wish to ignore the notice and get back to whatever you were doing. But there is a simple way to lose that notification. Simply swipe away the pop-up bar that appears near the top of the screen.

TIP! Do you enjoy looking at the weather? You can simply swipe left or right to look at the current weather or a six-day forecast. You can make the Weather app appear simply by touching the weather weather bar when on the Notifications screen.

While the iphone tries to make web browsing simple and painless, it can be a chore to try to navigate to the beginning of a page, especially if it is long. That is not necessary. You can quickly go right back to the top by tapping on the top bar of your screen that has the clock in it. You can also use the same feature on many other long lists (such as your music library).

TIP! Adjust the brightness on the screen to save the battery. The brighter your phone, the faster your battery will run out.

This information in this article should have given you the tools you need to easily tell others about how great an iphone really is. Given the fact that you now know a lot more about an iphone you will likely enjoy sharing your knowledge with others who need a little help.

TIP! Play with your phone. You’ll be more familiar with the phone as you explore all of it’s features.