Tips And Advice To Fully Utilize Your Iphone

An iphone has many uses and can make your life much easier! It’s a phone, a calendar, a camera and is capable of a vast array of possible uses. With this power, though, can come some confusion on how to best use it. Utilize the below tips in order to become an iphone pro.

TIP! To help take crisp photos use your headphones. By using the cord buttons with one hand, you can keep your phone hand steadier.

Save your battery by reducing the brightness of your screen. You can do this by changing the brightness in the settings area of your phone to a lower level. This will lengthen the time that the battery is powered between charges.

TIP! You can use Siri to give you reminders based on your location. Instead of telling it to call work at a certain time, you can tell it to remind you to call when you arrive home.

When searching the web with your iphone, you do not have to type in the “.com” part of an address. Simply type in the main portion of the address. Your web browser will understand what you are saying and will put you on the right site. How much time could you save by cutting out these unnecessary elements?

TIP! A protective screen is a wonderful investment for your iPhone. This will help to prevent scratches, which can damage the look of your device.

Get a protective screen. Without protection, your phone’s screen will get nicked and scratched. Even a tiny bit of dirt on the fingertip or keys in your pocket will scratch the screen. Always protect your devices, especially those that cost a lot of money.

TIP! You may be sick and tired of the many notifications you receive when using your iPhone. You can shut them off by following these steps.

You may be wanting to add an accented or umlauted letters but are not sure how. If so, then listen carefully. Use your finger to select the letter, then hold it down for one or two seconds. A box is supposed to appear that has many extra keys. You can use as many fancy letters as you want to.

TIP! With its standard settings, an iPhone is going to display message previews whenever a notification arrives, even if you have the screen locked. Depending on your personal preference you may find that this feature is helpful or you may not care for it at all.

Experiment with scrolling while looking at webpages. You might find it easier to scroll with one finger or two, depending on what you are looking at. If the webpage has more than one box, using one finger allows you to scroll just one box. On the other hand, two fingers will cause you to scroll down the page itself.

TIP! If you need a quick calculation done, make fast use of your iPhone’s calculator function, which can be found under the utilities section. When held vertically, the calculator is a standard calculator, but when held horizontally, it becomes a highly-functional scientific calculator.

When attempting to write notes or emails and you don’t want to be bothered by suggestions, you don’t need to tap X to get rid of suggestions. You only need to tap the screen anywhere to make the box disappear.

TIP! The Safari browser on the iPhone is so amazing and lets you accomplish pretty much anything that can be done on regular computer. If you would like to save a picture, tap and hold on it.

You can enable your iphone to visually indicate incoming messages and calls. If you need a quiet, yet startling alert, it is possible to set your iphone to flash when you receive a call or a message. Just go to the Settings menu and navigate to “General,” followed by “Accessibility.” Then simply activate the LED Flash button to receive alerts in this way.

TIP! You will have to reset your phone if it freezes up. By simultaneously holding down the sleep/wake button and the home key, it should get your phone working properly again.

Sleep/wake Button

TIP! You should save your most frequently typed phrases as AutoText shortcuts. This saves you a lot of time when typing.

If your iphone freezes up, do not be alarmed. Just press the sleep/wake button and see if that resolves the situation. Your next recourse is to press the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time. This will prompt you through a hard reset of your phone involving the power tab, but it will bring it back up after a few moments.

TIP! Make sure you are mindful about the apps you allow onto your phone. There are millions of apps for you to choose from, as you should select wisely.

If you lack the time to finish emails, tap cancel rather than closing the email application. You’ll get the option to save the unfinished message as a draft this way. Select yes and you can return to the email later via the draft folder.

TIP! When typing with your iPhone, setting up word shortcuts can make things much more efficient. On the Settings Menu, go to General, then to Keyboard, and find Add New Shortcut.

With an iphone, you have the ability to take a picture of the screen. This is known as a screenshot. Simply push the home and the power button together. Doing this takes a shot of the current display, and it will send it straight to your Images app. Keep in mind that you should only press these buttons briefly because if you hold them down for too long, negative effects can occur.

TIP! There are other choices if you are not happy with the default voice of the Siri Iphone option. First, find Siri in your phone’s General Settings section.

Save a draft of your mail message by hitting cancel, should you wish to work on it later. You will be prompted to save, don’t save, or cancel. When you choose Save, the message goes to Drafts. The iphone makes it easy by creating a Drafts folder for you, if you do not already have one in place.

TIP! Are you looking for a way to quickly type messages or enter information into your iPhone? In the general section under settings, you can choose keyboard and create phrases that you generally use. By accomplishing this, it is easy to preprogram longer word combinations if you type them a lot.

The iphone is wonderful for easily being able to send photos to all your friends and family. You have two options for this. First, save the picture and attach it to your email. Alternatively, go to Facebook and upload it for all to see.

TIP! With your iPhone, you can take a screenshot whenever the desire strikes you. All you have to do is press both the power button and the home button simultaneously.

The FaceTime app is a great method for talking to others using your iphone. It lets you see the person you are talking to. To use it, simply go to your contacts and look for the FaceTime button. If you hit it, you’ll start a video chat with the other person.

TIP! One of the great features on the iPhone is the comprehensive dictionary that has been preloaded. Use this tool within any application you are using.

If you have a frozen iphone screen, try pressing down the home button for at least 5 seconds. This should release the frozen screen. If that is not effective, hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for around 12 seconds. Only use the second technique if the first fails.

TIP! Stay linked to your circle of friends by using your iPhone for social media purposes. The iPhone lets you update all your family and friends about your life using these popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

If you are klutzy, protect your iphone with a case. Your iphone glass will easily shatter if you drop it without some sort of case protection on. No case is shatterproof, but they do increase the likelihood that you will save your phone if you drop it.

TIP! There are a few methods for scrolling through iPhone contacts with your fingers, but there is also another method that does not involve flicking. Put your finger right on the list.

Avoid exposing your iphone to the sun. When in sunlight for too long, your phone could stop working. The heat, especially during the summer, can seriously damage your iphone.

TIP! It can be tricky trying to get around a website on the small screen of the iPhone. You might just discover that you are instead scrolling through the overall website instead of the smaller frame.

Use the iphone to your advantage by learning the tricks associated with it. In your inbox, pulling your fingertip across a message (like crossing an item off a list) will bring up a delete button you can use to instantly get rid of it.

TIP! If you like to be updated on the weather, you can swipe either way horizontally to switch between the current weather to a six-day forecast. You may also get to the Weather application by just tapping inside the weather bar on your Notifications screen.

Don’t store videos that you’re never going to watch again on your iphone. When you’re finished watching the video, a prompt will appear, asking you if you want to remove the clip from your device. Use this option to maximize free space on your phone.

TIP! If you would like to fully understand what your iPhone can do for you, then take a look at the Apple tutorials. This can give you a simplified way of doing something that takes a long time to figure out.

Your iphone is much more than a normal phone because of its many amazing features. There are many features the iphone has that you may not know about. Use what you learned today as a starting point to personalize your iphone and life.

TIP! Do you want to reduce the amount of programs on the background of your device? The fast way to get this done is to tap the “Home” button. Locate the specific app that needs to be closed and simply press it and hold.