Tips And Tricks That You Need To Know About The Iphone

Many people today are looking to get a smartphone, preferably the iphone, but most people are unfamiliar on how to use this new technology. This article will offer various tips to help you become familiar with iphone technology so that you can feel comfortable with your smartphone. Read on to learn tips that will help you to use your iphone to its full potential.

TIP! Check for updates for your iPhone frequently. When you update your phone, you will have the latest bug fixes, patches and options to keep your phone running well.

Always use a screen protector with your iphone. This will help to prevent scratches, which can damage the look of your device. Even dirt on your fingers may cause scratches. Always keep your phone protected with a screen protector.

TIP! You can make a phone call with one tap while using Safari. Suppose you are searching for a dry cleaner that is close by.

Practically any website can be transformed into an app for your iphone. Begin by visiting a website in your iPhone’s browser. Once you are there, tap on “Go”. One of the options you’ll be presented with is adding the website to your iPhone’s home screen. Once it appears on the home page, give it a personalized name.

TIP! It is easy to create your own shortcuts and dictionary on an iPhone. A properly-programmed iPhone will be able to anticipate your words and speed you up.

You can download an app to allow your iphone to upload files and save them as a storage option. Upload videos, music, photos or even text-only files. Simply connect your iphone with your computer to transfer this multimedia.

TIP! Are you aware that you can snap a photo from the headphone cord? To start, frame the picture you wish to take. Once you’re ready to take the picture, press the button that’s on the cord.

Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s multimedia abilities will let you get more from your device. Your iphone can become an entertainment hub just by downloading TV episode or online clips that you love.

TIP! Do you want to add accents or umlauts to your message? Simply do the following. Holding down the letter you wish to use for a quick second is all that you need to do.

You can take a screenshot using your iphone. Once you are ready to take the screenshot, first hold the home button down, and then tap the sleep button as well. The screen will turn a white color when your screenshot has been taken and saved. It’s that simple!

TIP! You can easily set up your email on your iPhone so that it is simple to retrieve your messages. If you have this set up, you can get a notification every time you get a new email and you can check it whenever you like from your phone.

Sleep Button

TIP! Most iPhone users are savvy with the camera app on their phones. If you take a lot of pictures, there is a way to sort and organize them.

Press the sleep button if your iphone encounters an issue and press harder to reboot your phone if it is not responsive. Press on the sleep button and the home button at the same time. This will shut down the phone and restart it.

TIP! You don’t need to tap the X to eliminate the suggestion box that appears when typing if it is annoying you. Just tap anyplace at all, and the word will go away.

One of the best things about owning an iphone is that it allows you to use practically any sound as a ringtone. You do not have to use the basic tones that come on the phone. Your favorite tunes or even a recorded sound byte can be uploaded. This can garner attention.

TIP! Did you know that you can actually take a screenshot using your iPhone? Whenever you’re on a screen you want to snap, hold down the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously. The screen will briefly flash white, indicating that the screenshot was successful.

If your iphone is dropped in water, never turn it back on immediately afterwards to find out if it still works. If your iphone gets wet, dry the outside as thoroughly as you can and allow the phone to sit and dry out. If your phone is wet and you turn it on, you can cause a short circuit and ruin the phone.

TIP! Your iPhone Safari browser will do most anything a computer browser can do. To save a picture, simply tap and hold.

Many times suggested words can cause you to waste time when composing an email. You can get out of the suggestion box by tapping away on your screen, allowing you to continue with your message. Now you do not have to press ‘x’ every time.

TIP! If your iPhone should have to freeze and does not power on after pressing the sleep/wake feature, there is a function called the hard reset that will get it working again. Hold the Sleep/Wake key while pressing on the Home key at the same time.

One of the most useful features on an iphone is the Calendar function. You can make it more efficient by directly adding your events rather than using the + button. While viewing the “Day” screen, tap and hold on a given hour to automatically insert an event at that time. By creating a schedule more quickly, your time will be freer.

TIP! If your iPhone accidentally falls into a liquid, avoid turning it back on right away as a means of seeing whether it’s working. Instead, do you best to dry the outside of the phone, and then allow the phone dry out overnight in a bowl of uncooked white rice.

Set up some word shortcuts to type quickly on an iphone. Go to the Settings menu, look under General, then Keyboard, and finally Add New Shortcut. This can help you add shortcuts to phrases and words you commonly use by inputting acronyms or abbreviations. When you write these shortcuts, the equivalent phrases and words will be put in full.

TIP! Take a photo with only one hand using your iPhone. Frame the picture you want to take and push the raise volume button.

Reduce the time that you spend typing messages on your iphone. Go to settings, then keyboard, then to add shortcut. You are able, then, to preprogram long phrases or combinations of words that you use a lot. In the future, it is no longer necessary to type everything out every time.

TIP! If you do not like Siri’s voice, you can change it. Go the general settings area and locate Siri.

You can take a screenshot when you want with your iphone. Simply push the home and the power button together. (Do this quickly; if you hold them too long, you will get other effects you do not want.) That takes a snapshot of the current display and automatically sends the picture to the Images application.

TIP! The iPhone offers an extremely useful dictionary as a standard feature that is programed into the iOs of the phone itself. You can take advantage of this reference tool in virtually any app.

There are a number of ways you can scroll through your iPhone’s contact list. First, move your finger down the entire list if it is not too large or immediately go to the letter of the contact that you desire. This last will allow for much faster scrolling of your contacts.

TIP! Remember that your iPhone is far from a one-trick pony. It is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market today.

You have probably found out how to scroll through your contacts by flicking. Hold your finger over the list. Then, move your finger up or down to navigate. You now have a less chaotic approach to finding your contacts.

TIP! When using your iPhone, make sure you don’t accidentally save videos you don’t plan on re-watching. When you’re finished watching the video, a prompt will appear, asking you if you want to remove the clip from your device.

A great way for communicating on your iphone is using FaceTime. FaceTime allows you to look at the person you are talking to. To use FaceTime, just look under contacts for Facetime. Tap the button and you will now see the person while you are talking.

TIP! Do you want to have a backup for all of your contacts on your iPhone? Try the iDrive Lite app, which lets you backup and restore your contact list. It is also absolutely free if you switch to 2.

If you find that your screen is frozen on your iphone, hold the “home” button for at least five seconds. This will reboot the iphone. You can start a hard reboot by giving both the power and “Home” buttons a 12-second squeeze if the softer reset doesn’t work. You should only use this second method if method one does not work.

TIP! Turn off the back-light when the phone is not in use. The brighter your phone, the faster your battery will run out.

One of the top things going for the iphone is the versatility it has. If you use the free BlinqTV application, your phone can be transformed into a remote control for your television. Your iphone can then be used to control some TVs, amps, receivers, DVD players and other devices. You can even receive alerts when your favorite TV shows are going to be on.

TIP! There are ways that you can add or change the icons in your music section. Hit your settings button to select the option to ‘add more icons’.

Now that you have some good ideas on how to maximize your iphone potential, you are going to appreciate it in a whole new light. A lot of people are frequently mixed up about all of the new functions and apps, and they do not know their benefits. However, with the information contained in this article, you should now have all the resources you need.

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